Derby Day AC Golden Tap Takeover at Rackhouse Pub

Tap takeovers are a special sort of event. The bars that have the capacity to invite a brewery for a takeover tend to have a decent selection as is, so the brewery needs to really bring out the heavy hitters. Yes, the normal 6-pack offerings are important, but when you’ve got 20 taps with the same logo, you expect the crazy, the weird, the special, and the rare.

This Saturday, May 5, AC Golden and Rackhouse Pub are bringing out the crazy, the weird, the special, and the rare. Check out the details below, and take a look at our writeup on some of these crazy options. Of super special note are the Rackhouse-blended sours. There’s a video down the page of how those came to be.

May 5 is a very special day. It’s Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, a Saturday, and also an AC Golden Tap Takeover at the Rackhouse Pub. We’ll have a ton of rare AC Golden beers on tap, including two special Rackhouse Pub Sour Blends. Owner and all-around fun guy Chris Rippe went down and helped determine the blend from more than 20 barrels (more on that later this week). Here are all the sordid details of the tap takeover. We hope you join us on Saturday to try some very unique brews!

Big hats encouraged.

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Tap List:

  • Baltic Porter
  • Belgian Style Saison
  • Dry-Hopped Belgian Style Saison
  • Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
  • Hidden Barrel Collection Apricot Sour
  • Rackhouse Sour Blend #1
  • Rackhouse Sour Blend #2
  • Dry Hopped American Wild Ale
  • De La Vigne – Brewed with Merlot Grapes
  • Colorado Native
  • India Pale Lager
  • Dunkel
  • Schwarzbier
  • German Style Pilsner
  • Bock

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