Drinking With Dogs

Drinking With Dogs Vol. 3

At Vine Street Pub on 4/20. It was somewhat of a block party, and I came around the fence to have a drink with this guy. No shortage of dogs here.

If you enjoy Drinking With Dogs, we have a special announcement this week. Our friends at Cru Vin Dogs are having a contest that allows you to post pictures of your best friend for some great winnings. It goes like this: upload a photo of your dog to their Facebook page and the person with the most likes wins a case The Loyal Companion of wine and $100 donation to the winner’s favorite dog charity. There are also prizes for second and third place. Check out the details here: facebook.com/cruvindogs.wine

Also, please help support the Denver Dumb Friends League 19th Annual Furry Scurry!
A two-mile walk for animals in Washington Park at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 5, benefiting the Dumb Friends League, helps the organization care for as many as 24,000 homeless pets every year and provide valuable services to our community. If you can’t join the walk, you can PARTICIPATE BY DRINKING The Loyal Companion Chardonnay & Red Blend at local restaurants and retailers. Cru Vin Dogs donates back a portion of proceeds back to the Denver Dumb Friends League for each bottle sold.

Go Dogs!

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