Sean’s Sips – Odell Shenanigans


  • Style:  American Wild Ale
  • ABV:  9.1%
  • SRM:  31 (Standard Reference Method measures beer color intensity)
  • Hops:  Blend of Cascade and Chinook
  • Barrels:  4 months in 2nd use toasted oak (80%) and 2nd use bourbon (20%) barrels


Shenanigans has been marketed as a “happy accident” from the days when Odell was first playing around with using Brettanomyces.  Brent Cordle, Odell’s Pilot and Barrel-Aged Brewing Manager, told me this beer came about after experimenting with adding Woodcut No. 3 (an oak aged crimson ale) to Sabateur barrels.  Sabateur is a brett-barrel aged brown ale and another member of Odell’s Single Serving Series.  Whatever the result was must have been pretty good because it inspired the team to make some minor tweaks to the recipe and fill a whole lot more barrels with what would become Shenanigans four months later.

This is how the brewery describes it’s creation:

There once was a mischievous brew, with a beautiful crimson-like hue. We had one and had one again, and we called it Shenanigans. Then we brewed a batch up just for you.

English (sort-of):

Aroma – I had a really hard time figuring out the nose on this beer.  It’s pretty complex and improves dramatically as the beer warms.  I got strawberry, dark cherries, malt, and a little bit of funk.

Taste – More strawberry and dark cherry notes up front, earthy hops on the back end.  There’s a little bit of tartness to this beer, but definitely not sour by any means (more proof that Brett does not equal sour!).

Drinkability – This beer is definitely a sipper because of its complexity.  As I said before, let it warm up to room temp and you’re in for a treat!

Verdict – As with all of Odell’s 750mL offerings, this is a very solid brew.  I have to admit I expected more funk to this beer, but with only a “touch of Brettanomyces” I should have known it wouldn’t be over the top.  If I were you, I ‘d head out to pick up a bottle since they aren’t likely to sit on the shelves for long.  Cheers to happy accidents!


[Disclaimer: I realize that I am in no way qualified to judge beer… so I’m not.  The goal of this post is to introduce you to a local beer that I think you’d enjoy.  It’s fine if you don’t agree with me, just don’t post angry comments about how you can’t believe I didn’t taste bubblegum, clove, and/or hot dogs in said beer.]

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Sean is a Physical Therapist and Photographer living in (and loving) Denver, Colorado. He enjoys shooting just about anything but his true passion is capturing the craft beer culture here in Denver. If you enjoy his photographs check out Beertographer.

  • Chris Kirchmeier

    I can’t believe you didn’t pick up bubblegum, cloves and/or hot dogs in this beer. I call Shennanigans!