Raise The Macallan

Do you like bacon, barbecue, and smokey things? The liquor equivalent is most certainly scotch, and you can taste some of the finest tonight through Friday at The Brown Palace. First of all we love scotch, because it is a product from one of the oldest practices in modern distilling, and also due that it gave birth to bourbon indirectly through shit like the potato famine. Many of our ancestors hoped on a boat and soon ended up with heaps of corn. Which is a good thing. And with scotch, it’s not only the history that gets me really excited. Somehow those smoky notes remind me of my grandfather and his scent post-church, after socializing with the townies at the local bar. So even though I am not an avid drinker myself, the whisky holds a special place in my heart for what I would consider the original craft spirit.

There are 8, 90 minute sessions Wednesday 4/25 – Friday 4/27. Speaking from experience, these tastings are world class. From the rookie to the seasoned scotch drinker, it is an event for everyone (21+, of course) and not to be missed. Visit the Raise The Macallan site to register and RSVP.

 image courtesy of www.raisethemacallan.com

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  • Gardiner Hammond

    do you purchase by the glass or what?

  • Sterling

    I attended last night and had a great time, even as a rookie. You get to taste the 10, 12, 15, 17, and I believe the last one was the 18… I forget now. Gardiner – It is free to attend, but you have to register through their site. I don’t believe you can purchase any scotch at the event, but if you see the presenter out and about, he will buy you a Macallan. They showcase some more expensive bottles at the event in a display case, one 60-year-old bottle (Lalique Collection) costing $20,000. If you can still register… do it. Totally worth it.