Firkintastic – Wynkoop London Calling IPA + Lavendar

Our own Bess Dougherty has been playing in a bigger sandbox as of late. Moving up from her homebrew system, Bess has been lending a helpful hand over at Wynkoop, as well as a few out of town jaunts to places like Ska.

A few weeks ago, after helping out with the Malt Madness specialty brew at Wynkoop, Bess and the boys got to talking, and to drinking, and to thinking. She decided that their London Calling IPA could really use a touch of lavender. They agreed. A quick trip to Savory Spice, and the idea was implemented.

Tomorrow, Friday, April 20, 4pm, join Bess and the Wynkoop brewing team as they tap a firkin of London Calling IPA with generous additions of lavender. And buy her a pint! She completes her online Siebel brewing course tomorrow.

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