Recap: iX Mixer & Bartab Open Bar Golf Tournament 2012

By Alex Weissner

One of my favorite college pastimes was bar golf. So a few weeks ago, I got the idea to put together a bar golf tournament for my client iX Mixer. For those who don’t know what bar golf is, this is how you explain it to a five-year-old.

Bar golf: Where a group of people get together and dress up in their best golfing attire and do a pub crawl. Each bar is a hole. At each bar, each participant must consume a pre-determined beverage. Each bar has on average four beverage options –  each corresponding to a score in golf: bogey, par, birdie, and eagle. Each of these has a point value: bogey (+1), par (0), birdie (-1), and eagle (-2).  Teams also have a chance to score a hole in one by partaking is some crazy additional task.

On April 7, the first iX Mixer & Bartab Open Bar Golf Tournament took place in downtown Denver. The tournament had seven stops and two bars – The Matchbox and It’s Brother’s – hosted two holes. Here are some of the highlights from each hole:

  • Hole #1 The Matchbox: Every team went for the eagle, which was an iX drink + 1 shot of choice + 10 push-ups. Let’s just say it was highly entertaining to watch people do push-ups.
  • Hole #2 The Matchbox: Again, the eagle was the most popular, shot of choice + shotgun an iX. Shot-gunning a carbonated beverage can get a little messy and was the perfect start to show that everyone was ready to celebrate.
  • Hole #3 Blake Street Tavern: Teams began requesting information on how they could score a hole in one. This is where we started to get creative. Every team went for the eagle, any beer + an iX shot. To score a hole in one, teams had to try to sink three ping pong balls into a three glass formation or double eagle.
  • Hole #4 Breckenridge Brewery: At Breckenridge Brewery we ran into an animal-themed party. Literally,  it was a group of people dressed up in plushie animal costumes. In order to score a hole in one, teams had to consume a main line draft, take a shot, and ride one of the “animals” around the bar.

  • Hole #5 Star Bar: We all know Justin makes a good drink, so in order to score an eagle teams had to take whatever shot he made for them (bartender’s choice) and get a stranger’s phone number. Here, we also set up a little game of putt-putt in the back.
  • Hole #6 Retro Room: The competition was starting to get very heated by this point. Teams just wanted to one-up each other to the extreme. In order to score an eagle here, teams had to partake in the famous scorpion shot. Yes, there is a dead scorpion in your shot glass. On this beautiful spring day I finally convinced myself to take one of these. But some of the teams went even further then just swallowing the deadly bug down. In order to score a hole in one they had to chew the scorpion and then take the shot. Yes, those of us who were a little more sober convinced those slightly intoxicated individuals to chew a scorpion.

  • Hole #7 It’s Brother’s: At this bar, we mixed up our booze a little and went back to beer. Teams had to finish a pitcher of beer in less than ten minutes, which all teams did. Then, they had to perform the Macarena for 60 seconds in order to score an eagle. All teams did this task flawlessly.

  • Hole #8 It’s Brother’s: What is a party without a Zoolander-style Walk-off? Teams had to drink a beer, take a shot, and walk the runway. The team that won the walk-off scored a hole in one, while all other teams had to settle with an eagle. There were pants being dropped and people rolling around on the floor, but the winning team was able to remove their undergarments from under their shorts while walking the catwalk.
  • Hole #9 Swanky’s: Here, we decided to challenge participants to a little physical fitness. For the eagle they had to consume a frozen cocktail, take an iX shot and do 10 pushups. For the hole in one, they had to win a footrace around the block, first person back got the hole in one.

The officials tallied up the scores and we had to go into a sudden death match. It was a face-off chugging match between Team Caddyshack and Kelsi’s Team. It was a very close match, but Team Caddyshack won!!!

Overall, the tournament was great. Everyone had fun and no bars kicked us out. iX Mixer will definitely being planning another one of these next year. Make sure to check out all the pictures, especially the ones of everyone drinking/chewing the scorpions.

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