Rockies Opening Day 2012

The time has arrived. Baseball is back and you can’t do anything about it. Well, you can drink. You should drink, because that is probably what most of Denver is doing today. We love the Rockies and Opening Day because it is essentially your go-ahead for wearing flip flops and drinking on rooftops until November. Purple becomes a color we will see a lot of, and Dinger spottings are on the regs. In the spirit of the festivities, here is a brief list of things happening around the ballpark today:

  • Fill ‘er up. Steuben’s, Pinche Tacos, Biker Jim’s, and The Biscuit Bus will we at 22nd and Blake from 10am-2pm so you cannot be boozing on an empty stomach. Opening day is often described as a “shit show”, mostly from people who conveniently forgot to eat. Don’t be that guy/girl. Fill your tummy with some delicious treats while you are saucing.
  • Homemade German beer brats at Freshcraft. If hot dogs are your draw, let us just mention the tap list as well. Sick. Lots of amazing craft beer and limited to zero Coors light. Now, go.
  • Limited edition sour beer from The Sandlot (attached to Coors Field). This is kind of exciting and we hope it takes off. The sandlot makes Blue Moon, which is wildly popular, so maybe they will play a role in making sours go mainstream. At least for today, we hope.
  • $3 New Belgium Shifts at Star Bar all day. Kentucky St Parlor Pickers later on. Bring the boogie.
  • Get your PBR did at Whiskey Bar. Oh, and add a shot of Jim Beam, too. Both for a measly 5 bones. You also have a chance to win a Pabst rocking chair during the 7th inning stretch.
  • The Lobby is once again doing their annual Opening Day Pig Roast – Pre-game buffet opens at 11AM and features all-you-can-eat smoked pig and more for $15. Pigs rule.
  • Odell Brewing Co. is going to be at Falling Rock to kick off the upcoming season and they’re offering a contest – find the folks from Odell’s and name both the years that Odell’s AND the Rockies began, and you could win a beer on them.
  • Numerous beer specials around town and shots of purple goo. There are too many to name.

We hope you are as excited as we are. GO ROCKIES!



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