Peach Street Distillers Wins “Distillery of the Year”

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PALISADE, COLO., (Apr. 5, 2012) —The American Distilling Institute (ADI) has announced the results of its Spirits Judging Competition at the 9th Annual Craft Distillers Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Peach Street Distillers was named “Distillery of the Year.”

“In deciding this award we look for a distillery that personifies the artisan distillery movement—commitment to excellence in creativity and quality,” said Andrew Faulkner, ADI Judging Director. “Peach Street has entered a select group of distilleries you could count on the fingers of one hand.”

Faulkner added that the honor was heightened even further by the reaction of the other distillers in attendance. “Your colleagues know who you are and what you are about, and the elated, immediate and heartfelt standing ovation from the distillers present was beyond expectation. It spoke volumes. That ADI issued the award means a lot—but that the announcement was so unanimously and excitedly welcomed by our membership means we chose the right recipient.”

Peach Street also earned four medals for individual spirits, including a Gold Medal for their Peach Brandy—made with the famous Palisade Peaches that grow near the distillery—a Silver Medal for their Pear Brandy, and Bronze Medals for their Jack and Jenny Peach Eau de Vie and Colorado Straight Bourbon.

For Peach Street co-founder Rory Donovan and Head Distiller Davy Lindig, the awards justify their “risk-it-all” approach to starting the business, and their complete devotion to the craft. Said Lindig, “We’re beyond honored to be recognized like this by our peers in the industry.”

On the heels of the explosive growth in craft beer and boutique wines during the last decade, craft distillers have also been on the rise. The ADI’s artisanal distillers membership more than quadrupled from just 60 artisanal distillers in 2003 to 260 by 2010. The demand is being fueled by the same desire for locally produced, authentic foods and beverages that is driving growth in other artisan products, including wine, beer and cheeses.

Peach Street Distillers was co-founded by Donovan and two of the co-founders of Ska Brewing, a regional craft beer brewery in Durango, Colorado. Other craft brewers have also expanded into the distilling market: Dogfish Head, Rogue and Anchor Steam are three well-known examples.

“More and more Americans are looking for food and beverages produced on a small, local scale,” says Donovan. “The care that goes into craft distilling shows in the finished product, and people are liking what they taste.”

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