The Vine Street Pub and Brewery Now Selling Beer To Go

 [Press Release]

Beginning tonight, you can finally purchase Mountain Sun Ales in growlers to take home with you.  After a four-year wait in Denver (thanks for your patience, Denver), the Vine Street Pub has attained all necessary licensing to brew beer, which means you can take Mountain Sun Ales home with you.

Kevin Daly, founding owner of the Mountain Sun Pubs and Breweries, will be driving down our first shipment of growlers this evening to begin immediate sales of to go beer.  “I’m so excited,” Kevin said, “I hope I don’t get a speeding ticket on my way there.  I have goose bumps.”

Kevin will announce his arrival on Facebook, so keep an eye out so you can be the first to take a growler home from the Vine Street Pub and Brewery!

Beer to go comes in two sizes:

1/2 gallons = $17.00 + tax

1/4 gallons = $9.00 + tax

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  • Jim Halligan

    Hot. Dog.

  • Michael G

    Do those prices include glass? $17 is pricey…

  • billybroas

    That a typo? A $17 growler is equivalent to a $19.13 six-pack….

  • Jackie Chiaravalle

    Tasty beer, but the growlers are huge mason jars and not air tight. Plus they were pretty pricey.