River North Bottles First Brew, On Sale Today

River North Brewery is currently Denver’s newest microbrewery (a title that is sure to be relinquished quickly) and they’ve already begun bottling.  They may easily be the quickest brewery to go from opening day to bottling and barrel-aging (yeah… they’re doing that too).  Located in the old Flying Dog building, River North focuses on brewing Belgian-style ales as well as American styles with a Belgian twist (read: lots of Belgian yeast).

The first beer put into 22oz bombers is Hypothesis, their Belgian-style Double IPA.  This will be followed relatively shortly by J. Marie, a traditional Saison brewed with two malts, one hop, and pure Saison yeast.   If you’re looking to get your hands on Hypothesis, head down to the brewery today (hours: 3-9pm).  Head Brewer and Owner Matt Hess say their beer will also be available at select liquor stores.

From Matt:

Hypothesis is our first bottle release. The spicy Belgian yeast character is complemented by a hefty dose of citrusy, American bittering hops and Cascade for dry-hopping. A hint of sweetness balances out the intense hoppy bitterness, but the beer still manages to finish dry. Is this a paradox? Probably, but let’s continue…

This hefty brew weighs in at 9.0% abv and calculates out at around 130 IBUs (not that IBUs mean much above 100, but we’re telling you anyway).

Why the name Hypothesis? Well, because we’re nerds, and we thought it was an awesome name. We also recommend pondering the mysteries of the universe while drinking it. There are around 20 cases of Hypothesis in existance on planet earth at this very moment.

Luckily we should have a slightly larger bottling run of our upcoming J. Marie Saison, which you can already taste on tap at our taproom.

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