Ska Brewing Announces 4th Annual GABF Pro-Am Homebrew Competition

Ska Brewing Announces 4th Annual GABF Pro-Am Homebrew Competition: Enter between April 23 and May 9, 2012 to be considered for Ska Brewing’s “Local Series” this Fall and the Pro-Am category of the 2012 GABF in Denver.

DURANGO, CO (March 2012) —If you are one of the dozen or so remaining homebrewers who have not yet started their own brewery, Ska Brewing is looking for YOU to participate in their 2012 GABF Pro-Am Homebrew Competition.

Registration is open now. All beer entries must be received by Ska Brewing between April 23 and May 9. The competition is also a preliminary for the 2012 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Pro-Am category, and will be an AHA/BJCP-certified competition. The winning brewer will be invited to Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado to help brew a commercial batch of their beer for release this fall as part of Ska’s limited-release “Local Series.”

Last year, beer blogger and Westword managing editor Jonathan Shikes was invited to brew a beer with Ska; the result was “Big Shikes Orange Blossom Imperial Pilsner,” which was released at Old Chicago restaurants around the state. Shikes describes his experience, sort of: “The parts I remember were special. We started quality-testing numerous batches of beer around 11am, and the rest of the day is kind of a blur,” says Shikes. “I do recall brewers running up and down metal stairs in rubber boots, turning an endless series of knobs, levers and buttons. But those might have just been for the stereo, which was cranked up pretty loud. For the yeast, they said.”

The winner will also be entered in the Pro-Am category of the 2012 GABF in Denver, the nation’s largest beer festival and competition.

According to Ska Co-Founder and Head of Brewing Operations Bill Graham, the homebrew community is important to Ska. “We started out as homebrewers. The ‘homebrewer spirit’ is key to the success of the craft beer industry,” said Graham. “These collaborations allow homebrewers to develop and showcase their skills—and they allow us to keep that spirit alive in our operation.”

About Ska Brewing: Based in Durango, Colorado, Ska Brewing was founded in 1995 and now produces over a dozen award-winning beers including the Pinstripe Red Ale, True Blonde Ale, and Steel Toe Stout. Four Ska beers are now widely available in cans: ESB Special Ale, True Blonde, Modus Hoperandi IPA, and the summer seasonal Mexican Logger. For information, music and a good time, visit Chat us up and get the latest news at and

Best of luck, homebrewers!

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