5 Colorado Breweries Create Liquid Tribute to Danny Williams

Danny's Gold Mine Ale - This is a Nice Beer

In honor of the late Danny Williams, five Colorado breweries (Funkwerks, Crooked Stave, New Belgium, Odell Brewing Co. and Ska Brewing) have united to brew ‘Danny’s Gold Mine Ale’.  The beer gets it’s name from Danny’s 8 acre mine just outside of Boulder, Colorado where he stored and aged over 2,500 beers.  If you aren’t familiar with Danny or the legacy he left behind, make sure to check out this post as well.  Specifics have not been released for this beer, but it’s said to be a Strong Dark Ale sitting at 10% ABV.  Keep an eye out for this special release in 750mL bottles some time in May.  All proceeds will benefit the Danny Williams Foundation.  We’ll post more specifics as we get them.

Courtesy of Funkwerks Twitter Account


Some more info from Dave Thibodeau of Ska:

Here’s a link to the story in the Denver post on Danny for some background http://www.denverpost.com/food/ci_20006204

A number of Danny’s friends around Colorado (and the country) are brewing special beers to celebrate Danny’s life, and Danny’s Gold Mine is one of those creations. Danny’s Gold Mine is a limited batch that will be bottled and sold around Colorado beginning in May. We hope to have taps at the Craft Brewers Conference/World Beer Cup in San Diego featuring all of the different collaborations—this whole idea stemmed from Lauren Salazar at New Belgium, a close friend of Danny’s.

Our beer was brewed yesterday at Funkwerks along with Odell, New Belgium, Crooked Stave—the northern CO contingency was kind enough to let Ska tag along, and our Head Brewer, Thomas Larsen made the trip. The beer is a Danny Strong Dark Ale, 10% ABV brewed with a blend of Rochefort and English Ale yeast strains with cocoa nibs added at secondary fermentation.

All of the breweries involved shared in recipe formulation, costs, and the actual brewing. Proceeds will go to the Danny Williams Fund.

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