Great Divide’s Firkin Friday – Limited Supplies of Zwickel

To top off this week of incredible weather, head on over to Great Divide for Firkin Friday. At 2PM they will be pouring Zwickel, an unfiltered pilsner. Zwickel, meaning “first pour” or “straight from the tank,” is low in alcohol, hazy and delicious.

The name comes from the German word, zwickel; it refers to the sampling cock mounted at the outside of a cask or tank, which is used for assessing the progress of a brew during the fermentation period.

Zwickelbier is typically made in Bavaria and is rarely found in other countries. Yet readers might be familiar with Oregon’s annual brewery tour and festival, “Zwickelfest” or “Zwickelmania,” which, like this Great Divide brew, refers to the action of imbibing beers poured straight from the tank.

Great Divide has extremely limited supplies, so make it your first stop of the weekend!

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