Cicerone reaches 10,000 Certified Beer Servers

The Cicerone Program hit a major milestone yesterday by handing out its 10,000th Certified Beer Server certificate. That’s a lot of beer-sogged folks out there!

The full release is below, but here’s the fun part: Today, and today only, you can take the test for only $10. There’s a 10 question practice test on the site as well, if you’re nervous, but here’s the deal: $10, two attempts, no lashings if you fail. If you drink a lot of beer, know a little bit about service and draft systems, and want to test your knowledge, hop to it! The $10 Certified Beer Server test.

And if you take it, let us know how you did in the comments!

Today, the Cicerone Certification Program issued Certified Beer Server certificate number 10,000, passing a milestone that demonstrates widespread acceptance and respect for the program throughout the brewing and beer service community. The move into 5-figures of beer servers comes just four years and 42 days after this first-level exam was first offered to the public in the early days of January 2008.

Today the program counts Certified Beer Servers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, each of the Canadian provinces and a range of other countries including Australia and Britain. In the US, California boasts the largest number with more than 1200; Wyoming has the fewest with just one. Twenty-two states each have more than 100 Certified Beer Servers.

If you are one of the servers who has already joined the ranks or even gone beyond to Certified Cicerone or Master Cicerone, then we’d like to say “Thank you” for your support in helping us grow.

When it was launched, the Cicerone Certification Program brought a new concept to the beer & hospitality industries. Namely, that selling and serving beer wasn’t just a simple matter of popping the top off a longneck. After decades of virtual uniformity, beers were no longer all the same; serving them well required knowledge about many styles and flavors. And despite common belief, beer was not immutable. The actions of servers, bars and distributors could spoil beer’s flavor. And finally: that beer’s broad range of grain, hop and yeast flavors expressed in a wide variety of styles made an unbeatable partner for many foods.

Of course acceptance of the new idea took time. While ten eager early adopters took the Certified Beer Server exam the first day it was available in 2008, fewer than one a day would complete the exam throughout the rest of that first year. It took until March of 2010 to reach certificate 1,000. But by then things had begun to develop rapidly. The program grew four-fold in 2010 and tripled in size again in 2011.

Cicerone Program Marks Major Milestone with Price Promotions


To celebrate the milestone, the Cicerone Certification Program is offering special 10K promotions. While you may have already contributed to our reaching this milestone, we wanted to make sure you knew about these offers in case you wanted to share them with co-workers and friends.  Be sure to forward this email to these as the exam deals need to be accessed through the embedded links. (Price x time = 10,000, of course):

Certified Beer Server Exam: 1000 cents ($10) for 10 hours

(February 15th)  (Normally $69.)  A unique low-cost opportunity for anyone who ever wondered about their ability to pass but who did not want to smack down the dough to find out. This exam must be purchased and taken on Feb 15 in order to take advantage of this special price.

Certified Beer Server Tutorial and Exam (with recorded lectures, study aids and self-assessment exams): $100 for 100 hours (Feb 15 through Feb 18. Regular price $149.)  Buy during the promotional period and you will have 60 days to complete the program.

Cicerone Brewing Process App: 99 cents for 101 hours (Feb 15 through Feb 18) This is good for both iPhone/iPad and Android systems. Normally priced at $5.99.  This allows you to own this great learning tool at a fraction of its normal cost.  If you are someone who has already earned your Certified Beer Server Certificate and is thinking about going for the Certified Cicerone, then this is a great way to learn much of the brewing knowledge you will need. Give it a whirl!

Each of these offers is good only for a limited time as stated. None can be combined with any other discount or coupon.   

Link for the $10 Certified Beer Server Exam:

Link for discounted access to the CBS_Tutorial & Exam:  

For the iOS and Android apps, visit the app stores for those products and search for “Cicerone Brewing Process”.

Thanks for the read–and the support.

Ray Daniels
Cicerone Certification Program
Twitter:  Cicerone_Org

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