Vday: This year, it’s all about me!

So here it is again…this magically amazing or awful day.  I put Valentine’s Day in the same category of New Year’s in terms of holidays.  There is usually no in-between: it’s either the best day of your life or unspeakably lonely, embarrassing, and/or drunk.  People either love it (and take extreme offense if you do not), or hate it with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns.  I know that there are quite a few male presences in my life that will be terrified to talk to me today, simply because it’s Valentine’s Day.

I’ve had terrible Valentine’s Days…ironically, the one where my ex-husband pretty much ignored me and I got to drink home brew all night we’ll call neutral; painful but freeing at the same time.  It was an eye opening day for me and that experience changed my whole perspective about love and all the holidays we use to celebrate it.

A couple years ago I also watched a video on Ted.com by Eve Ensler.  She discussed her creations of the Vagina Monologues and Vday to help raise awareness and end violence against women.  All these experiences were incredibly powerful and shaped the way I view love, relationships, and ultimately myself.

So this year, Valentine’s Day is all about me! I plan on celebrating how I’ve learned to love myself and others in a very different and much more peaceful way.  And of course…I’ll be celebrating with booze!  (Male presence, you will not be required, but I will accept a good laugh and share a good drink or two!)

First stop: Starting today at 3PM, thank God! Euclid Hall is extending Brew Bites through February and March.  I would love to see this be a permanent part of their beer program:  Chef Jorel teaming up with Cicerone Ryan Conklin to create custom pairings every Tuesday for $12.50?   This is all the beergasm I need this Valentine’s Day.  Tonight is Chocolatey-Fruity-Infused.  I got an insider tip that a very special Boulevard Brewing Co. beer is part of the menu and supply is limited! Get there early, I will be.

Round Two:  Williams & Graham for twEATdrink.  There will be a fantastic gathering of some of my favorite people in Denver.  This speakeasy is a great spot for a quiet night to enjoy the pleasures of classic cocktails.  Might have to get a little dressed up for this stop.

The cherry on top:  Beer and Chocolate Pairing at Star Bar.  All of my best nights usually begin and end at Star Bar.  This one will be no different.  After Apple Whiskey Barrel Aged G’Night, I will not need any help finding a good termination to my evening (this is an almost direct quote of one of the most entertaining pick-up attempts I’ve ever had at Star Bar from last weekend).

Cheers to me and Cheers to you! May your Valentine’s Day be filled with beery love and entertaining pick up lines too!

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Lydia's love of craft beer, cocktails, and good food is mostly a symptom of her infatuation with having a great time. She's sharing her stream of consciousness on Twitter: @DtownL