Flawless Valentine’s Day!

The fact that St. Valentine’s Day falls during the middle of the week this year got me thinking. What drinks go best when playing video games? I know, I know. You are thinking this is the bitter “I hate V-Day” post.  I am not a curmudgeon or anything. In fact, I like the sentiment of Valentine’s Day. It is just that proper execution on a Tuesday night is impossible. For me, it isn’t the biggest romantic event of the year since my wife and I met at the end of February. We celebrate then. So while you cats are out toasting a martyrdom, I am going to have a few drinks and play Street Fighter IV. Let’s see what happens.

Cold beer and Ryu: I always have plenty of homebrew around. A glass of my interpretation of an English pub ale will do. Classic beer to go with a classic character. After all of these years, my play is pretty smooth. Quarter circles come easily and fireballs are flying around everywhere. I get crushed by some kid in Spain. The beer soothes the loss. Good choice.


Amontillado and Vega: While cursing Spain, I realized that I have an ancient bottle of Amontillado Sherry floating around. Admittedly, it is likely that it is well past its prime. The caramel and almond flavors are still very apparent – quite thick and heavy. Quickly, I remember why the bottle has been hanging around so long. I really hate Sherry. Also, who the fuck plays Vega? He sucks too.


Whiskey and … um… Whiskey and Street Fighter do not go together. I have some Jack Daniels’ in a glass and play Guitar Hero for a while. I feel like Slash. At this point, I am a little drunk. My lady is upstairs drinking a decent wine and listening to music. I think I am going to go join her in that.  It is a day for lovers after all.  I don’t think that I have any strong conclusions. Getting loaded is fun – video games are fun. Combine, add bitters and shake liberally.

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