Our First Birthday Beer: Wagon Ryed

DSC_9441 Denver off the Wagon is sort of an amorphous entity, constantly shifting, moving around, absorbing people and ideas along the way. Wait, that’s The Blob. Either way, we have a lot of people who contribute to the site, both internally and from without. Ideas and shots are tossed around, some sitting well, some not so much.

A few weeks ago, while discussing our forthcoming first birthday, someone suggested we brew a beer to commemorate the event. I contacted a few local breweries, and was immediately overwhelmed by the desire of local brewers to help us brew something special.

A bit of a tangent, but I have to say that the beer industry in general, and specifically the industry in Denver, is incredible, supportive, and delicious.

Anyway. We chose to work with Wynkoop on this particular endeavor.  The guys over at Wynkoop have been incredible and enthusiastic, and it has been a lot of fun brewing with them.


Two weeks ago, we brewed Wagon Ryed, a rye dry stout with caraway seeds. Most of it is fermenting right now, and getting some carbonation soon. Some of it went directly into Templeton Rye Whiskey barrels, and we’ll drink that in a few months.


The beer will be released on our one year birthday, Thursday, February 23rd, at Wynkoop. More details on that to follow. Friday the 24th, we’ll do an awesome bar crawl to all the spots in LoDo carrying the brew. And finally on Saturday the 25th, something special. Some sort of party. With cake? There might just be cake.


Without further ado, here are the pictures from our brew day at Wynkoop. Keep an eye out for more details of the parties!

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