Four Colorado Brewers Make the Top 20 Beer Bachelors List of 2012

In all honesty, it started as a conversation about boys. But when Ashley Routson (also known as The Beer Wench) and I started brainstorming last year and came up with the 2011 list, the ball kept rolling. We knew it was a good thing to highlight the talents of the incredible brewers in this industry. We also knew we liked to look at these men whilst on a bed of hops, or as we found this year, saving a goat.

Although the process was slightly tweaked, the basic qualifications and the judging criteria remained the same.

The basic qualifications:

  1. Must work for a craft brewery (all positions considered)
  2. Must NOT be married (other relationship statuses accepted)

Now, this whole concept might sound simple, but I assure you that it is more complicated than it looks. We accepted nominations via Twitter, Facebook, the comment section on this site, email, etc. After sorting through the various nominations from the outside, adding more to the list from the inside, and then reviewing the previous year’s winners, we were able to narrow down the pool. Many men were evaluated, and only 20 made the final cutThe top 20 nominees were then submitted to a judging round, where they were each judged on three very specific criteria.

The judging criteria:

  1. Industry Talent
  2. Personality
  3. Appearance

Colorado is a fantastic state, and a large part of that awesomeness is its beer. As such, we proudly have four of our brewers that made this year’s Bachelors of Beer List.


#20 — Troy Casey, Brewer, AC Golden Brewing Company

#10 — Brent Cordle, Manager of the Pilot Brewhouse & Barrel-aging Program, Odell Brewing

#9 — Jason Yester, President & Brewmaster, Trinity Brewing Company

#2 — Adam Avery, Founder & Brewmaster, Avery Brewing Co.

[Read the full 2012 Bachelors of Beer list here]


We’ll be taking our nominations again for 2013 sometime in the next year.  Til then, buy these gents a beer.


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