Downslope Resurrects Ould Tom

Downslope Distilling is set to release their first gin in the coming weeks.  Just because this is their first crack at it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have high expectations.  Ould Tom will help fortify Downslope’s lineup of 9 award-winning spirits.  Let us know what you think after you try it!


From the distillery:

Downslope Distilling of Centennial, Colorado is releasing it’s interpretation of a nearly extinct historical style of gin. Genever is the Dutch origin of gin. When the English encountered this juniper and herb spiced strong spirit they took it home. The British, being English, changed the name to gin and began refining the style. The Ould Tom variation was the transition between Genever and London dry gin.

The name Ould Tom comes from the method of dispensing this fine tipple. In the day, in England if one was to see a cat on the side of a pub, they could deposit a coin and the publican would fill a tube with gin for consumption on the street. Thus- gin consumed from the Tomcat was dubbed old Tom gin.

Downslope’s Ould Tom gin is craft made from domestic cane. Initially it is pot distilled in a Double Diamond head pot still. After the initial distillation, the column of a very small still dubbed “the Tin Man” is filled with a combination of nine botanicals including juniper, but also citrus, cinnamon and cardamom. The extraction of these aromatics are fused with the spirit as it is being made instead of infusing ready made spirit with the aromatics as in London dry gin.

After distillation, the spirit is rested in an oak barrel prior to bottling. The resulting product has a golden hue with flavor and aroma much richer and full bodied than it’s drier cousin.

Downslope Distilling is a very small craft distillery in Centennial, Colorado. The principals, Mitch Abate and Andrew Causey started the distillery three years ago with the goal of producing unique, complex spirits. To date Downslope has released nine award winning products including unique interpretations of rum, vodka, whiskey, and now historical gin. Products are available from Massachusetts to Washington.

For more information contact:

Andrew Causey


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