Bonacquisti Wine Co. Announces Jug Wine Program

We’ve had this very jug from Bonacquisti Wine Co. at Colorado Wino’s Getting Piggy Wit It (everything… pig) a few weeks back.  And this juice is good jug juice.  Now, they’re releasing it to the public.  Here’s details from the press release:

Making jug wine cool: A growler-like program for oenophiles

Denver | For centuries, Italians expected to have a quality jug of wine at the dinner table. Unfortunately, some mega California vineyards eroded the potential of the jug in the last few decades by serving plonk for dirt cheap. Now Bonacquisti Wine Co. in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver is making jug wine cool again.

Last month, winemaker Paul Bonacquisti launched a new jug wine program that works exactly like a growler program at the local brewery. Visitors can come to the winery and purchase a 1-liter jug (33 percent larger than a typical bottle) for $20. Upon return to the tasting room, they can refill it for just $12.99.

"Repeat When Jug's Empty"

“We want people to enjoy our wines every night of the week,” Bonacquisti says. “The jug just makes it that much easier by bringing the cost down — not to mention it’s super environmental.”

For bigger parties, Bonacquisti offers a five-liter jug (about seven bottles) for $55 plus a bottle deposit.

Currently, jugs can be filled with Vinny No Neck, a Sangiovese heavy blend (the same grape that has made Chianti famous) and [d] Red, a blend of Merlot and Syrah. A white option is forthcoming and the tasting room will have periodic specials of other wines to fill.

The fill station/tasting room is open 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Thursdays–Saturdays at 4640 Pecos St., Unit I. Bonacquisti will also be filling jugs at the Highlands Farmers’ Market this summer as well as soon-to-be-determined auxiliary fill stations.


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  • Chris Washenberger

    This is pretty awesome. I need to go get one.

    • Jacob Harkins

      Just opened a jug last night!