Lady bartenders rack up a cocktail challenge with LUPEC Speed Rack

The first national LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) event is coming to Denver on February 12th from 1-5pm.  Come and support your lady-lovers of fine cocktails as they face off in the shake-and-stirrtastic event.  All proceeds go to breast cancer research, education and prevention.

Sunday, February 12th, 1pm to 5pm Casselman’s (2620 Walnut St). Tickets are available in advance here.  $20 for food, beer, and punch. Must be 21+ to attend.  As Glenn Frey said it best, the heat is on.

Curious about the amazing, talented women who are competing? Here’s the list:

  • Amy Kempster —  Colt &  Gray and City, O’ City
  • Alexandra Geppert — The Hooch Life
  • Britt Henze — Trillium
  • Diane Schwender — Gaetanos
  • Amanda Olig — Osteria Marco
  • Jessica Cann — Euclid Hall
  • Erin Harris — Jimmy’s Bar and Restaurant (Aspen)
  • Courtney Wilson — Williams and Graham
  • Allison Weber
  • Alexandra Parks — Green Russell
  • Eryn Latterman — Linger
  • Kirsten Schopen — West Lobby Bar, Broadmoor
  • Sarah Arlt
  • Anika Zappe — Linger
  • Carrie Scroggins — Linger
  • Michelle Scheffer — 3 Kings
  • Jessica Wilkinson  — Euclid Hall

Here are the event details:

Join LUPEC Denver, Aka Winegeek, and the Colorado Bartenders Guild for a unique charity event. See the best female bartenders from Colorado duke it out in a top bartender competition of speed and accuracy.

Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero of LUPEC NYC are launching a national cocktail competition which is a charity event to raise money for Breast cancer research   It is kind of a shaker faces meets rematch. Here is a basic run of show for the event:

We start with 16 competitors. On the day of the event the preliminary trials begin 2 hours before the event opens to the public. This will be a speed test, with a quick pass/fail for quality. This will make sure that even if people decide to free pour the drinks that they are at least drinkable!  Everyone will make the same 5 drinks, 4 shaken and 1 stirred. The fastest 8 times out of the 16 will move on to the filmed and judged finals.

During the finals, our 4 judges will be calling out the drinks per round, each judge choosing one drink from the master spec sheet with 2 girls each match.  The judges will be tasting the completed cocktails side by side and will add penalty seconds added to your time if your drinks are not shaken well, made properly, you made the wrong drink, or if an essential garnish is missed.  Each judge can penalize each drink up to 30 seconds so a total of 2 minutes can be added if you make a whole round wrong.  The specs we are giving are guidelines for classics. You can make the drink however you’d like to make it.

The best time from each match-up moves to the next round in the bracket, the other is eliminated. This will continue until one girl wins the title of Miss Speed Rack for her city and a chance to compete at the finals in May 2012 in NYC.

Don’t miss it!



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  • Justin Lloyd

    Forgot one, Britt Henze from Trillium, and she’s gonna KILL IT! The event is in the hood, no way someone else is gonna roll in and take the title out of the hood. I’ll be bringing “Scary Sherry” for good measure.

    Good luck to all the ladies, going to be an awesome event!!!

    • Jess Hunter

      Justin, thanks for the correction! And good luck to all the awesome competitors.