Leopold Brothers Distillers Night at Star Bar

Friday Jan. 27th at 6:00, meet Todd Leopold, head distiller.

Denver’s very own Leopold Brothers Distillers is racking up quite an impressive protfolio of craft made spirits.  All based on one simple platform: quality has to come first.

Nine different versions of liqueurs make up the foundation of that portfolio.  They can stand on their own, but show the most versatility when combined with other spirits, providing that extra layer of flavor and complexity.

Next, two interpretations of classic spirits that stand on their own, and are a rarity in the world of craft spirits.  Absinthe Verte – yes it’s made with Wormwood, and no that’s not illegal – and Fernet Leopold Highland Amaro.  Leopold Bothers have made a definite statement: there is room for interpretation on hallowed ground.  You don’t have to have centuries old recipes to be good, let alone great.

Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the United States, and their Silver Tree Vodka is one of the best available anywhere.  Silver Tree scored 93 points at the Beverage Tasting Institute, making it the highest scoring vodka distilled and bottled in the United States.

While vodka is the most consumed spirit, gin is the most misunderstood.  Gin does not have to be overwhelming; it can be delicate and glorious.  Leopold Bothers brings two fantastic examples of what gin can be, if created to become great.  Both examples are fractionally distilled, meaning that all the separate botanicals are distilled separately, then blended together to create the final product.  Their American Small Batch Gin is terrific on it own, and with lighter mixes and recipes.  The brand new Navy Strength Gin, at whopping 114 proof, is the perfect ingredient with a more flavorful recipe – the gin stands out amongst the rest of the ingredients.

Ah, glorious whiskey, another example where a heavier hand is not always the best approach.  Starting with American Small Batch Whiskey, this is a sour mash for sure. Open fermentation of the mash allows for more flavors, and more complexity of flavors are pulled out of the distillate, creating a whiskey that is round, flavor forward, and somewhat delicate.  It is aged, and the wood is definitely present, but not overwhelming.  Three different fruit infused whiskeys are also available: Rocky Mountain Blackberry, Rocky Mountain Peach, and New York Apple.  Great standing alone when a little sweetness is desired, but their strength is to energize some older cocktails with a new twist – Old Fashiond, Manhattan, Vieux Carrie, and Sours, for example can all be elevated.

The fifth whiskey is Maryland Style Rye Whiskey, Maryland Style? Before prohibition there were two dominant styles of Rye Whiskey – Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, Pennsylvania style was the majority survivor of that terrible experiment.  The difference is the yeast and the mash.  The Maryland Style process creates a very fruit forward, front palate sweetness, surrounded with balanced grain flavors, and the rye component shinning through at the very end.  It’s a wonderful journey.

All told that’s 19 different spirits, all with endless possibilities of delicious uses.  We’ll be featuring some fantastic cocktails – No Fruit New Fashiond, The Navy Gin Sling, Blackberry Whiskey Sazerac Cooler, Minted Carre, and of course, a bevy of beer cocktails.

This is a great opportunity to learn about local, hand crafted spirits, and meet one of the true pioneers of the industry.  We hope to see you on Friday.


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