National Canned Craft Beer Day at Star Bar

Today is National Canned Craft Beer Day.

And we’re throwing a celebration at Star Bar. We’ll be featuring most of our craft beer cans for $3 all night, and Chris Katechis, aka The Gubna, from Oskar Blues will be on hand at 6:00 PM to help us celebrate the revolution and a Fuh Can good time.

Oskar Blues was the first craft brewer in the United States to can its beer, starting in 2002 by hand-canning Dale’s Pale Ale.

Flavor is preserved by basically eliminating damage from light and ingressed (big word for “entering” or “going in”) oxygen.  Cans help reduce shipping cost and lighten the carbon foot print of distribution by up to 35%, and they allow portability into activites and areas where bottles are not welcome, like boating and camping.

According to, there are now 480 different craft canned beers in the United States. Colorado leads the country in the number of breweries producing craft canned beer with a whopping 21, and the most variety of craft canned beer is with 62 different beers.  That’s a lot of cans.

In addition to celebrating our fantastic line up of canned craft beer, we will also be pouring a very special draft beer–Oskar Blues G’Knight aged in Leopold Brothers Apple Whiskey Barrels.

Join us as we celebrate the National Canned Craft Beer Day at Star Bar!  Cheers!


Canned Beers:

Oskar Blues:

  • Old Chub  $3
  • Mama’s Little Yella Pils  $3
  • G’Knight   $4
  • Gubna $5
  • Ten Fidy   $5


  • IPA  $3
  • Joe’s Pilsner  $3
  • Ellie’s Brown Ale $3
  • White Rascal $3


  • True Blonde  $3
  • ESB  $3
  • Modus Hoperandi  $3

New Belgium:

  • Fat Tire  $3
  • Sunshine Wheat  $3


  • Craft Lager  $3
  • Brown Ale  $3

Maui Brewing Company:

  • Coconut Porter $4

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