Wife Out of Town Special: Day 9 Del Norte Brewing Co.

[Day 8, Caution, is a bit delayed. Enjoy Day 9!]

Brewery Name: Del Norte

Website: www.delnortebrewing.com

Year Founded: 2006

The Bawss: Joe Fox

Year Round Brews: 3

Seasonal Brews: 2

Tap room/Tour hours: Fri – Sun 4:30 – 7:30pm

Josh’s Favorite Beer: Manana (pronounced like banana… probably)

Chris’s Favorite Beer: Luminari

Guest’s (Lisa and Bill Sickles) Favorite Beer: Cinco

Why we love this brewery: They brew only Mexican style lagers which is an interesting concept that they do really well.  The location is creepy enough to make you feel pretty cool going in for a cerveza yet, uneasy enough that you’re not ruling out a back alley beat down robbery. I could call it a hidden gem. Cash only but no ATM, you gotta work for it.

Why readers should love this brewery: Lot’s of award winning beer with very personable bartenders and a cute tasting room.  They sell sombreros for seriously.  Cheers atmosphere makes you wanna come back over and over.  For instance, we had great conversations with almost every patron.  Even though they are a big brewery (6000 bbl facility) there is still a craft beer atmosphere.

Eating is cheating but here is what is close by: There is a microwave and a coffee pot in the tasting room.  EeeeeH! What else do you need? PT is close but that is a different type of eating.

When and if there are any special releases: They have release parties for their seasonal beers so check the webz.

Serviced by: Jason with the glorious beard

Shwag available:  Sombreros! Also beer

Listening to: Mr. Shane

Other possibly relevant info: Volunteers bottle the beer.  Ask about helping them out if you’re interested and you get lunch and a case of delicious liquid of questionable origin for your efforts. Check out this deal: pay $5 dollars for your first pint then keep the glass and it’s $3 refills!!

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