We’re turning one, and we’re going to party. With our own beer.

We started Denver off the Wagon almost a year ago. In fact, 11 months ago, today, was our first tweet:

Hey there, who's thirsty?

Turns out, a lot of you were. So this site grew. Evolved. Aged.

And we drank.

A lot.

And now it’s time to celebrate. In a month, we’re going to throw a little party. And by “a little party”, I obviously mean a week-long extravaganza. We’re still working on the details, but think bar crawls, big parties, another rendition of Beer vs. Wine, and the reason for this post:

We’re brewing our own beer.

Tomorrow morning, a few of us are occupying Wynkoop for the day. We’re brewing a beer with a brewery that has helped make Denver the craft beer town that it is. With the help of Andy, Marty, and the rest of the crew at Wynkoop, the Wagon is bringing to life one of my personal homebrew recipes. This recipe was the first one I ever made from scratch – as in not based on another beer somewhere out there – and it’s my favorite. It was to be the pillar of the brewery I was working on opening.The brewery is on hold, but the beer is not.

The beer is a rye dry stout with caraway seeds. It’s heavy on flaked rye, has some subtle and not so subtle chocolate flavors, and gives a final kick with the spice of caraway. It’s dry. It’s bready (not like Brettanomyces, but like.. bread). And it’s delicious. Here’s the original recipe, though this has been altered and scaled up for the brew tomorrow:

Click me for recipe goodness

This beer will be available at a special tapping party, and afterwards will be on tap at a dozen accounts around town.

But dear reader, dear drinker, dear future consumer of this brew, we need your help! This beer lacks a name, and it desperately seeks a moniker of epic status. Will you help us?  In the comments, tell us your ideas. Tell us if you like someone else’s idea.

Here are a few we’ve come up with so far:

  • Wagon Ryed
  • pRYnce Humpernickel
  • Party in Rye Pants
  • Your Brain On Rye
  • The Black Rye-No
  • Black Rye-er Wagon
  • Rye Ask Rye
  • Who Let The Rye Out
  • Waking the Giant (Stout)
  • Rye have a dream
  • Rye spy
  • Rye not
  • Ryes and shine

We’re also working on Denver off the Wagon tap handles, so that this brew and future brews can be identified. Any ideas for that are welcome as well.

Let us know your thoughts! We’ll let you have some of the brew.

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PJ likes beer. A lot. And whiskey. Gin. Wine. Cocktails. Um.. what were we talking about?

  • http://coloradobeergirl.com/ Leah

    A Rye Stout sounds wonderful!

  • http://twitter.com/whiskeynikki Nikki

    I like “Black Rye-no” and “Rye Spy” cuz spies and rhinos are awesome and this beer sounds awesome. makes sense to me.

  • http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com/ Dave Butler

    OK forgive these silly names – just rolling off the top of my head on these:

    Ryeders of the Lost Stout
    Denver off the Ryegon
    Rye Do Fools Fall in Love
    Just a Step to the Rye-t.

    • http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com/ Dave Butler

      Oops – forgot to mention I like your name: Wagon Ryed – or an alternative Wagon Ryeder or the Black Rye-no.

  • Scott S

    Wagon Ryed represents Off the Wagon well, IMO.

  • Giovanna

    R’yer Mak’er

    And, so proud of you guys! I wish you could send me some!

  • http://twitter.com/tbeseda Taylor

    Clearly, Wagon Ryed.


  • Scott

    Always been my favorite of your recipes.

    Name suggestions: Let it Ryed, Enjoy the Ryed, Holden On Stout (if literary references are your thing).

  • Zack

    Ryders on the Storm (Doors fans?)

  • Justin Lloyd

    Can’t wait to get over to Wynkoop in the AM!!
    Love R’yer Mak’er – thanks Giovanna

  • http://bikebusbeer.com Alex P. Davis

    I’m gonna go with Night RYEder. And the tap handle should totally be a wagon wheel.

  • monica

    Wagon Ryed will best help everyone remember the brand.
    My own suggestion: Rye ask Rye
    I totally agree that the handle should be a wagon wheel.

  • John Calvin

    My own suggestions, in the order I like them:
    Drye Eye
    Mile Rye
    Crye Baby

  • http://Sveltegorilla.blogspot.com Cory Pelc

    Easy Rye’der

  • Anthony

    How about a picture of an Asian man screaming, entitled “RRRYYYYYEEEEEEEE?!?!”

  • http://focusonthebeer.com ericmsteen

    Wagon Ryed!

    Congrats on the Anniversary. I’ll do what I can to make it up there, although I will have family in town so not sure.

  • http://mountain.hoppress.com Brian

    Wagon Ryed or Ryeders on the Storm, clearly

  • Stephanie

    Carry Awayed (caraway’ed)

    But I also agree with all of the ‘Wagon Ryed’ lovers out there. With a wagon wheel tap handle, naturally…or if you want to get fancy, a rye handle topped by a wagon wheel.

    Regardless of what it’s named, it sounds awesome. Can’t wait to enjoy.

  • Mason

    Rye am I missing a sock?

  • Kale

    Dry Cararye Stout

  • JR

    Beer names:
    Rye You Do Me Like That
    @DenverWagon Stout
    Velvet Reuben
    PumperDollar Rye Stout

    The tap handle should be a miniture wagon on top with Denver Off the Wagon in the Radio Flyer font with the name of the beer down the stem.

  • Uptown Brother

    Ryed ’em Cowboy!

    the tap handle needs to feature (or knock off) The Buckaroo statue by Procter, in Civic Center Park:


    D-town, represent!

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