Wife Out of Town Special: Day 4 Arvada Beer Company

Brewery Name: Arvada Beer Company

Website: http://www.arvadabeer.com

Year Founded: 2011

The Bawss: Kelly Floyd

Year Round Brews: 5

Seasonal Brews: 1

Tap room/Tour hours: Monday through Thursday 12 PM to 10 PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM to 11 PM, Sunday 10PM to 9 PM

Josh’s Favorite Beer: Pale Ale Seasonal (yummy–tastes like cannabis)

Chris’s Favorite Beer: Water Tower Wheat

Guest’s (Eric Sande’s) Favorite Beer: Goldline IPA

Why we love this brewery: One of the only places top get good craft beer in Arvada! They have a really good growler program: $100 for a growler every month. We know you all drink way more than one growler a month, though, so we’re trying to convince them to do two growlers for $175.

Why readers should love this brewery: There is a food donation bin right inside the front door. They have 2.5 gallon party pig growlers for $60 with $45 refills.

Eating is cheating but here is what’s close by: Amazing Belgian Frites (Manneken Frites)   connected to the brewery. There are tens of different dipping sauces, including my new favorite Ghost Pepper Ranch.  They also have excellent hot dogs and good selection of Belgian beer if you’re more in the mood for beer from across the pond.

Serviced by: Carli. Solid ass–not downtown hot, but this is Arvada so she is a solid 8.

Shwag available: Some shirts and shit

Listening to: BYOB (Bring Your Own Boombox)

Photos by: Tommy Bristol

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About Josh Rapp

Josh is a beer and whiskey enthusiast. He is a home brewer and a long time member of the Denver Whiskey Club and Denver Homebrew Club. He also makes Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey for money.

  • http://pintwell.com Jeremy

    I’ve enjoyed this series. It makes me look forward to the next time my wife is out-of-town. The best part is you seem to be getting increasingly more intoxicated with each post. 🙂

    Carli’s Arvada ass has to be the highlight of the week. At least from a reading prospective.