What Were Your Favorite Beers of 2011?

Just about everyone has posted their ‘Top {Insert Number} Beers of 2011’ and rather than throwing another one out into the World Wide Web, we’d like to hear from you.  Yes, I’m aware that I’m asking this question after January is more than half over, so what?  We all know drinking and procrastination go hand-in-hand so give me a break.  Time to speak up and tell us your Top 5 Colorado beers this year and why!

Comments, go.

About Sean Buchan

Sean is a Physical Therapist and Photographer living in (and loving) Denver, Colorado. He enjoys shooting just about anything but his true passion is capturing the craft beer culture here in Denver. If you enjoy his photographs check out Beertographer.

  • http://coloradobeergirl.com/ Leah

    I have 12 which I listed on my blog last week:


    If I have to narrow it down to 5, I’ll go with the ones I had on tap here in Denver. The top prizes go to:
    Denver Beer Company:
    Hey Pumpkin! Porter
    Grahman Cracker Porter
    Paris Coffee Stout

    and Renegade:
    Imperial Peanut Butter Stout
    Elevation Tripe IPA

    Why? Graham Carcker Porter and Peanut Butter Cup Stout are really different flavors–you can’t find beers like these just anywhere. And I don’t often come across a triple IPA on tap. Pumpkin porters and coffee stouts are numerous, but these are some of the best I’ve ever had.

  • Erik

    In no particular order,

    Dry Dock’s Wee Heavy
    O’Dell’s Friek
    Great Divide Oak Aged Belgian Yeti
    NBB Lips of Faith La Terroir
    Lone Tree Brewing’s Oatmeal Stout

  • Scott S

    Firestone Walker XV did it for me. I wish I could buy 100 bottles of it.

    • Scott S

      I should probably READ next time…5 CO beers:
      Dry Dock Bligh’s
      Avery Rumpkin
      Odell Myrcenary
      Great Divide Belgian Yeti
      Crooked Stave Fertile Soil

  • http://twitter.com/alex_karklins Alex K

    Off the top of my head, and probably with some glaring omissions:

    Great Divide Oak Aged Belgian Yeti
    Crooked Stave WWBGreen
    Odell Myrcenary
    Funkwerks Tropic King
    Avery Uberschwein

  • im_t_wal

    In no order:

    Dry Dock: Bligh’s Barleywine
    Renegade: Elevation IPA
    Odell: Mountain Standard
    Upslope: Dunkelweizen
    Oskar Blues: Deviant Dale’s

    • http://www.mackinnonphotography.com/ Sean Buchan

      Unfortunately for us to come up with a final rank I need them ordered for your vote if possible. Thanks!

      • http://craftbeersummits.tumblr.com/ im_t_wal

        1) Bligh’s
        2) Deviant Dale’s
        3) Dunkelweizen
        4) Mountain Standard
        5) Elevation

        But really, I wish I could just vote for “Yay CO brews”.

  • Holly

    Upslope’s 3rd Anniversary
    Upslope’s Christmas Ale
    Strange’s Kriek
    Dry Dock’s Topsail Tripel
    Funkwerks’ Saison

    All unique and delicious! Cheers to amazing beer in Colorado!

  • Rex Grant

    Deschutes/Boulevard: Conflux #2

    • http://www.mackinnonphotography.com/ Sean Buchan

      That was a great beer Rex, but unfortunately we’re only doing the Top 10 Colorado Beers right now!

  • http://coloradobeergirl.com/ Leah

    Clearly I did not proofread my post! Sorry about the errors.

  • Steven

    The Busch Beer that comes in the brown camouflage and orange cans. So Good!Best of the year (and every year). Can’t wait till Fall!


  • http://forkly.com Martin May

    Tough one, but here are mine:

    Bull & Bush Royal Oil – http://fork.ly/6tTTlh
    Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti – http://fork.ly/iBmiXC
    Dry Dock Bligh’s Barleywine Ale – http://fork.ly/9gIMo7
    Avery Meph Addict Espresso Stout – http://fork.ly/Xu7MTU
    Funkwerks Maori King (Tropic King) – http://fork.ly/0f6fRE

    I know, lots of “hard to get” stuff 🙁

  • Evan

    Some of these may have been released pre-2011, but these are my favorites that I tried this year.

    Avery Bad Karma
    2010 GD Hibernation (I know, I know…2010 beer..but the beer sat for a year before being tapped at the GD taproom in 2011, so I count it)
    Avery Rumpkin
    Strange Brewing Le Bruit de Diable
    Crooked Stave WWBR

  • Paul Falling Rock

    Funkwerks White
    Avery Meph Addict
    Crooked Stave WWBGreen
    AC Golden American Wild Ale
    Great Divide Tripel

  • Seth

    Hmmm..this is tough. Here goes:

    1) Strange Brewing’s Fresh Hop IPA (the fresh aspect made their normally awesome IPA just plain outstanding)
    2) Renegade Brewing’s Ryetous Rye IPA
    3) Denver Beer Co’s 5th Horseman
    4) NB klutch. (unexpectedly amazing)
    5) SKA’s Hoperation Ivy (this list is IPA-heavy, but it’s been a great year for em!)

  • Justin

    I’d have to say:

    1) Twisted Pine Bough Breaker Barleywine
    2) Twisted Pine Northstar Imperial Porter
    3) Dry Dock Signature Series Bligh’s Barleywine
    4) Twisted Pine Hoppy Knight
    5) Upslope Cabernet IPA

  • Patrick Temming

    Renegade brewery: Elevation ale (triple ipa).

  • catinco

    Only 3 that really stood out, in no order…

    New Belgium kick
    Crooked stave fertile soil
    Avery rumpkin

  • Jennifer Fowler

    1. Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti
    2. Crooked Stave Fertile Soil
    3. Great Divide Oak Aged Belgian Yeti
    4. Avery Mephistopheles
    5. Avery Maharaja

  • http://www.row14denver.com Jensen Cummings

    1. Dry Dock Bligh’s
    2. Avery Rumpkin (don’t drink now, but once it ages two years look out)
    3. Bull n Bush Captain Midnight (I’m biased)
    4. Great Divide Oak Yeti
    5. Crooked Stave WWBR
    6. Funkwerks Maori King
    7. Dry Dock Wee Heavy
    8. Odell’s Friek
    9. Steamworks Fresh Hop
    10. Odell’s Mountain Standard

    This year CO really ventured out of its usual session heavy hits and got some big boys out there that can hang with some of the top tier breweries around the country. Next year bigger, faster stronger CO!

  • jan c

    1) 2011 BA yeti
    2) Oskar Blues One hit Wonder
    3) GD Grand Cru
    4) Strange Cherry Kriek
    5) Rocky Mountain Da Yoopers

  • http://billybrew.com Billy Broas

    1. Bligh’s Barleywine
    2. Odell Myrcenary
    3. Crooked Stave WWBO
    4. New Belgium Kick
    5. Denver Beer Company Graham Cracker Porter

    Other states are so jealous…

  • Tim F

    1) Great Divide Grand Cruz
    2) Renegade Hammer & Sickle Imperial Russian Stout (diverse spices melded amazing with malt bill)
    3) Renegade Ryetious IPA
    4) O’Dell Myrcenry DIPA
    5) Breckenridge Imperial Pils
    6) New Belgium / Elysian Kick
    7) Dry Dock Apricot Blonde
    8) Renegade Trippel
    9) Renegade Una Mas

  • http://www.gcamtour.com/denver C

    1. Renegade – Ryetous IPA
    2. Oskar Blues – One Hit Wonder
    3. Renegade – Elevation
    4. Strange – Fresh hop IPA

  • Carey

    Renegades peanut butter cup milk stout because it is the absolute perfect winter brew

  • Doug S

    In no particular order.

    1. Dad’s and Dudes Buzzed Weasel Stout
    2. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro
    3. Copper Kettle Mexican Stout
    4. Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti
    5. Bull & Bush Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout

  • @BeersForAll

    ~ Renegade Elevation TIPA
    ~ Renegade Imperial Peanut Butter Stout
    ~ Twisted Pine Bough Breaker Barleywine
    ~ Left Hand Ambidextrous
    ~ Odell Mountain Standard

  • http://www.beerincolorado.blogspot.com Chris

    I’m not sure if all of these are 2011 beers but I drank them all in 2011.

    -Pretty much everything in the Odell 4-pack series (Myrcenary, Double Pils, and Mountain Standard).
    -The pumpkin porter from Denver Beer Co.
    -Hoopla from Boulder Beer (mostly because I got to interview Kyle Hollingsworth about the beer’s creation).
    -Left Hand’s Fade to Black Vol. 3
    -Zeke’s Belly Up from Golden City (exclusive to Mile High liquor store in Belmar).

    • http://www.beerincolorado.blogspot.com Chris

      Oh, let me also add Una Mas from Renegade. I wish they would can THAT one instead.

      • Tim F


        I know they are working on canning one of their regular offerings. Just don’t recall if it’s Una Mas or Ryetious.

  • Scott

    Strange – Cherry Kriek
    Strange – fresh hop IPA
    Dry dock – hefeweizen
    Avery – Orange IPA
    great divide – rumble

    Out of towners….
    Schell’s – hopfenmalz, snowstorm
    New glarus – road slush oatmeal stout

    • Kory

      Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killer!

  • Tom T

    1) Twisted Pine’s Reilly’s Oak Whiskey Red
    2) Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killah
    3) Avery’s Meph Addict
    4) Left Hand’s Fade to Black

  • Shana

    1) Ghost Face Killah – Twisted Pine

    2) Ghost Face Killah – Twisted Pine

    3) Ghost Face Killah – Twisted Pine

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