Wife Out of Town Special: Day 3 Renegade Brewery

Brewery Name: Renegade Brewing Company








Website: http://www.craftbrewerydenver.com/

Year Founded: 2011

The Bawsses: Khara and Brian O’Connell

Year Round Brews: 3 consistent brews

Seasonal Brews: Everything else.  There are 8 tap handles and only 3 main brews so do the math.

Tap room/Tour hours: 3pm to 8 or 9pm for the most part (check the website)

Josh’s Favorite Beer: Radiator Spiced Winter Warmer

Chris’s Favorite Beer: Elevation IPA (Funky but good)

Guest’s (Danny Bier’s) Favorite Beer: Radiator Spiced Winter Warmer

Why we love this brewery: They have the best tasting room, aesthetically, in town right now.  Really cool garage door windows and old brick walls as well as, modesty aside, there are some really great photos hanging behind the bar.  They attempted to get some home brewers to brew on their pilot system which is pretty cool even though it didn’t really work out.

Why readers should love this brewery: The owners are local professors at the Auraria Campus and have started the brewery on their off time.  There is a LOT of variety.  They put on the beers that they want, currently 5 over 7%, and they are always rotating.  With only 3 main brews they can brew whatever seems to suit them and it’s all good.

Eating is cheating but here is what’s close by: There is usually a taco truck outside but besides that Interstate Restaurant is just a block away which is a great place for food and whiskey.

When and if there are any special releases: They brew special beers on their pilot system and put them out every once in a while until they tap out.  Follow along on their website to see what’s coming up and when.

Serviced by: Keith

Shwag available: Shirts, Glasses and, Hats

Listening to: The Decemberists – Sons and Daughters

Other possibly relevant info: Their Peanut Butter Imperial Stout is coming to The Rackhouse Pub next week. The Radiator is possibly the best winter beer I have had this year so be sure to get some before it’s gone.

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