Brew Bites at Euclid Hall: Big Things Come in Bite-Sized Pours

There’s always something amazing happening at Euclid Hall.

It’s one of my favorite spots downtown and they’ve given me a whole mess of delicious craft beer reasons to come in during the month of January.  Euclid Hall’s in-house Certified Cicerone®, Ryan Conklin, has put together a killer line up of freshly tapped beers every day in January.

Also, every Tuesday starting at 3pm is Brew Bites.  Three two-ounce pours paired with Euclid’s signature tastes in a pocket friendly, $12.50 taste bud pleasing combo.

This week’s match-up featured my favorite style, sour beers, and included one of my favorite brews of all time, Duchesse De Bourgogne.  The three two-ounce pours were served in a handy tasting menu–and it made my mouth water waiting for the food and brews.

Round one was Avery Brewings’s Lilikoi Mahu, a Hawaiian Passion Fruit Infused Belgian Wit. The sour flavors here were from the fruits and this beer has a great mouthfeel and body. The fruit flavors really come through and finish with a pleasant smoothness from the yeast.  The ccompanying dish, Roasted Beet Ambrosia, paired beautifully.  The texture of the red beet marshmallows was delicious and I am a sucker for fresh basil on just about anything.

The second pairing was my favorite.  Avery Immitus is big bold sour beer.  It’s almost like a port or very bold red wine.  And I love it.  Like most big sours, with this much vinegar, a four-ounce pour is just about right, a six- or an eight-ounce pour is bordering on too much of a good thing.  Too much is a good thing, though, when paired with Butter Poached PEI Mussels.  The roasted garlic Romesco was the perfect balance to the tart cherry and vinegar in the Immitus.  I would love to have my own bottle of Immitus with that incredible sauce on a perfectly rare steak (chef’s choice on the cut please–a professional’s opinion on the perfect blend of fat-to-acid combo is essential!)

My little food foray finished with the Duchesse De Bourgogne, a wonderfully balanced Flanders Red. The sweet fruits and sour balance in this beer make it one of my favorites to drink; it’s my version of a sessionable brew.  The sourdough waffle “tart” with walnuts and a Mission fig-maple-port reduction tart cherry compote  was a delightful complement to one of my favorite beers.  The figs emphasized the cherry tartness of the Duchesse.

I would love to see Brew Bites continue past January.  It was the perfect teaser for the one-of-a-kind beer program and creative menu at Euclid Hall.  My friend and I ordered a bottle of the Duchesse De Bourgogne and kept sampling.  Tuesday is also a great day to sit behind the bar and chat with Euclid’s awesome staff including Ryan Conklin, Jessica Wilkinson, Marc Bayes and Bacon.  (Side note–Bacon makes an amazing Old Fashioned.)

I’ll be back for more this month with Farmhouse, Hoppy, and Dark and Strong beers on deck.

Brew Bites is going to be my Tuesday afternoon delight.


About Lydia Rapp

Lydia's love of craft beer, cocktails, and good food is mostly a symptom of her infatuation with having a great time. She's sharing her stream of consciousness on Twitter: @DtownL