Tiki Tuesday at Madison Street to “rock the casbah”

It’s a tiki timeout.  A tiki drink, simply rum and juice (or rums and juices), is the longest-standing drinking trend ever.  What began in the 1930s has spanned over the decades in its retro gloriousness.  You’ve seen ’em: Scorpion bowls, umbrella drinks, and rum, a second rum, juice, a second juice, and a possibly a float of dark rum.  You get the picture.

Madison Street, a fun cocktail joint located in the Congress Park neighborhood at 12th and Madison, has been hosting Tiki Tuesdays for the past few months.  It’s hard to remember with those strong rum drinks as to the original start date.  Powerful, potent, and awesome.

But there’s something special about the Tiki Tuesday this week.  Matty Durgin, bartender at Madison Street, is hosting his last Tiki Tuesday before he departs to open the tiki bar on South Broadway.  And he’s hosting it with The Janitor, Kevin Burke, of Colt & Gray.  Both of these gents have a severe booze boner for tiki drinks, and after sampling a few of these tiki drinks this weekend, it’s bound to cause a ruckus.

So, Tuesday, January 10th. Best to grab a seat early.  They open at 4pm.  Dress the part, leave your car at home, get a babysitter for the kids, lock up your MILTSWANCAs (“Moms I like to sleep with and never call again”) and dating dads.  Don’t forget your coconut bra.  It’s gonna be a party.

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Jess is a lady and a scholar. If she's not mulling over the various names of famous mustaches and their respective bitter cocktails, she's nibbling on American Craft Singles and Cantillon. Connect with her by email at jesshunter@denveroffthewagon.com.