Wife Out of Town Special: Ten Breweries in Ten Days

Not that we need a reason to drink a lot of beer, but Chris Rippe’s wife leaving town for ten days is as good a reason as any. Today we embark on our heroic journey to bring Wagon readers all that is noteworthy from breweries in our great city. Ok, so we added a couple extra while we were writing this at the bar of the Great Divide Tap room so it’s actually twelve breweries. Breweries like children cannot be rated or ranked but we hope to give you some insight to what makes each one special.

Here is the list. We are planning to be at each brewery at 4:30 till question marks. Feel free to come and join us, or just track our progress here on the blog.

Jan. 5 – Day 1: Great Divide
Jan. 6 – Day 2: Strange Brew
Jan. 7 – Day 3: Renegade
Jan. 8 – Day 4: Arvada Brewing Co.
Jan. 9 – Day 5: Breckenridge Brewing
Jan. 10 – Day 6: Denver Beer Co.
Jan. 11 – Day 7: Dry Dock
Jan. 12 – Day 8: Caution Brewing
Jan. 13 – Day 9: Del Norte and Copper Kettle
Jan. 14 – Day 10: Wit’s End and Colorado Cider Co.

About Josh Rapp

Josh is a beer and whiskey enthusiast. He is a home brewer and a long time member of the Denver Whiskey Club and Denver Homebrew Club. He also makes Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey for money.

  • http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com/ Dave Butler

    Sounds like a fun time. I’ve gotta do something like that next time my wife goes visiting her folks for a week. Shhh! Mums the word, er beer that is.

  • http://coloradobeergirl.com/ Leah

    You should go to Denver Beer Company tomorrow (Wednesday) for the Graham Cracker Porter Release Party!