Our 2012 Booze Resolutions

Booze and fags

Looks so tempting, doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?

Lose weight? Ha.

Join a gym? Unlikely.

Quit smoking? Best of luck.

We’ve set out a few of our own resolutions for 2012. Pretty much, we plan to drink a lot of delicious booze. What are some of your 2012 booze resolutions?

Chris Washenberger

I intend to brew more which means I have to drink at least a corny keg a month. That is a minimum of 5 gallons of homebrew in 30 days. Not too hard. The interesting fact is that, based on the math, this effectively disproves the theory that ethanol kills brain cells. Either that or it proves that neurons regenerate. Science in the New Year!

Ginger Pelz

May 2012 be the year of whiskey and gin martinis, straight up. I think it’s hot when a chick drinks her booze without it being watered down or half-filled with cranberry juice (not that I would do that, anyway) …that, or maybe I just want to be more like @shellieshel.

Other New Years resolutions are to continue to build the ol’ liquor cabinet, keep at least 7 bottles of wine on hand (at all times), and acquire more fancy glassware. “There cannot be good living where there is no good drinking” -Benjamin Franklin (an intelligent man, indeed)

Jim Halligan

Drinks with animals. As in, drink more drinks with animals in my drinks (ham, oysters, etc.). Also, occasionally having a beer with a dog. That counts too.

Jennifer Fowler

Become more educated about the spirit and cocktails I’m drinking. So far, the following books are headed my way via Amazon (and yes, I’m a complete dork):

  • The Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book 1935 Reprint
  • Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide 1887 Reprint
  • Boozehound: On the Trail of the Rare, the Obscure, and the Overrated in Spirits
  • Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide (Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s & Party Guide)
  • The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes
  • The Joy of Mixology: The Consummate Guide to the Bartender’s Craft
  • The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender’s Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy
  • Lessons in Excellence from Charlie Trotter
  • Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter
  • Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

Brian Melton

I’ve actually resolved myself to not drinking as much in 2012, which means I’ll probably wind up drinking better stuff, less often.

Here’s to three bottles of Craggenmore Distillers Reserve!

Ryan Conklin

I intend to drink more beer to become more smarter.  Actually I plan on starting to prepare for my BJCP cert. which means that I will be intently focusing on the finite details of each style of beer.  I am going to need you to quiz me an in return you are guaranteed to be amused and learn at least something.

Billy Broas

In 2012 I’ll try to become a certified beer judge which will give me a good excuse to drink more beer than I already do. On the homebrewing front, I’m going to build a Brutus 10 brew rig – the ferrari of the homebrew world.

Jess Hunter

I’ve a pseudo time-bomb ticking with school starting in August, so I’ve my sights set on taking both the Certified Beer Server Exam and the Level 1 Wine Exam by April.  From there, it’s time to buckle down on looking at Certified Cicerone(R).  Big gulps.

Chris Bruns

I’m trying to visit every brewery in Colorado.  I got 13 new ones in 2011 and I’d like to at least match that in 2012.

Nick Nunns

My resolution’s pretty obvious – getting TRVE fired up, and getting people fired up about TRVE.

Monica Ignaszewski

My goal is to be just as sarcastic, booze or no booze.

 PJ Hoberman

 I want to visit at least one new bar a month (week?) this year. And try to pass out in a new neighborhood every quarter. Or something.

Bess Dougherty

My booze resolutions for the year are to get my first level cicerone certification, become a BJCP certified judge, make more beer, have more shadow brew days in commercial settings, visit all of the new breweries that have opened in Denver proper, make it up to the bottle shops in the land of love and try three or so new champagnes. Huzzah!

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PJ likes beer. A lot. And whiskey. Gin. Wine. Cocktails. Um.. what were we talking about?

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    I resolve to drink more Port, and to continue drinking with my pinky up in 2012 (it’s classier).