Get your cocktail on with this year’s annual LUPEC Bar Crawl!

2012. Bar Crawl. Ladies who know their shit about cocktails.

If you know anything about LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), these ladies know how to have a party.  And they’re inviting you to this year’s Post-Holiday Annual LUPEC Bar Crawl!  Here are the details below for tonight’s crawl (January 2):

This year’s post-holiday annual LUPEC bar crawl!

Times are approximate (especially as we get towards the end of the evening)

  • Zengo 5-6pm
  • Crossing the park/Pink Elephant flask exchange (see below*) 6-7pm
  • Brothers Bar 7pm-8pm (dinner)
  • Lola 8-9pm
  • Root Down 9-10pm
  • Williams & Graham 10-?

*Pink Elephant Flask Exchange:
Everyone attending the Zengo/park crossing section of the night needs to bring a decorated (stickers, rhinestones, etc) flask filled with a cocktail. We’ll collect the flasks in a Santa bag and hand them out as we cross the park on our way to Amatos!


Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails was created in 2001 in Pittsburgh.  The Denver Chapter was established in February 2003.  LUPEC has spread quickly and has chapters all across the nation.

We are dedicated to the Gin Fizz, the Widow’s Kiss and the Singapore Sling – the drinks our mothers and grandmothers drank, the drinks we strive to save from extinction as a small measure of remembering those great women and their great cocktail parties.


In a post-millennium world of beer and prepackaged ChexMix, LUPEC works tirelessly to breed, raise and release cocktails that are endangered or even believed to be extinct.

The collecting of anachronistic recipes by women and the resulting creation of endangered cocktails in an all woman setting is intended to achieve the following goals:

  • To continue the 150 year American tradition of dangerous women calling themselves Ladies and getting together in groups, clubs and societies to work undercover while they chipped away at the patriarchy.
  • To protect the collective Joie de Vivre of LUPEC members by assuring them at least one good party a month.
  • To encourage the accumulation and use of vintage serving and barware.
  • To use our talents and resources to give back to our community.

So, remove the pineapple chunk from your cocktail, raise your glass and drink to their memory! Up in ya!

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Jess is a lady and a scholar. If she's not mulling over the various names of famous mustaches and their respective bitter cocktails, she's nibbling on American Craft Singles and Cantillon. Connect with her by email at