No. 11: Sangria

My family is made up of a bunch of booze hounds.

These days our gatherings are fueled by delicious wine and beer, but before us kids were of age and could pick our own drinks (mostly beer) we were strictly a wine family.  For as long as I can remember everyone in my family drank wine.  With every meal we were given a glass of “water wine”–a half glass of wine topped with water. To this day I feel it necessary to have at least one glass of wine with the family meal out of respect for the early days of my booze history.

One year, in addition to this glorious treat, my aunt gave me an orange slice that was one of the most delicious pieces of fruit I had ever encountered. I didn’t understand what made this orange so magical but I knew I wanted more.  I asked my aunt for another piece of fruit and she kindly obliged but said that was all I could have.  Naturally I took more behind her back (after all, I was a child being told I could not have something I wanted–what else was there to do?).  Before I knew it, I was rosy-cheeked and full of giggles.  The fruit was laced with giggle water!  Turns out this magical fruit had come from my aunt’s sangria and for the fist time in my young life I was drunk in front of my family.


  • Half pint Brandy
  • Half pint Vodka
  • 3 liters red wine, typically something on the fruit bomb side
  • Grapes sliced in half
  • Strawberries sliced in half
  • Sliced oranges

For the fruits, use as much or as little as you desire.  Combine all ingredients in a large covered container and let sit for a week.  Add orange juice and club soda to taste upon serving.  For good measure make sure you serve the  in a nice punch bowl because we all know punch bowls make everything more festive.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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