It’s The Hooch Life(style)

It’s been a busy fall/winter.  It feels like a whirlwind blew through Denver since even before GABF and the Mad Hatter’s Wonderland has begun.  That may also be due to the numerous cocktails I’ve consumed.  And it’s just the beginning.

On Repeal Day, December 5th, The Hooch Life launched, a national online booze and cocktail publication.  While based in Denver, it reaches across the country into numerous pockets of the cocktail world.  Its mission is to celebrate all things spirits and cocktails.  A sharp-looking site, it gives drinking enthusiasts prompts of where to drink, how to drink, and what to drink.

Divided into several sections, Hooch offers inside information on distillers and what they’re doing.  On the launch date, Leopold Bros and Square One were among some of the distillers featured.  Additionally, the “Hooch-approved bars” included some of Denver’s cocktail hot spots like Colt & Gray, Root Down, Steuben’s and Williams & Graham, and Boulder’s Bitter Bar.  Hooch covers Fresh Cocktails, both classic and modern with the compiled list growing daily.  It also cover Fresh Hooch, where to drink it, how to drink it, and suggestions on what to think when drinking. And that’s just the beginning.

And yours truly is writing about the Colorado scene as much as possible.  Here’s the not-so-shameless plug on a couple articles you can peruse:


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