Run the Avery Gauntlet at Star Bar

Star Bar and Avery present “Drink the Gauntlet”

Do you like Avery beer?  Would you like to go on a VIP tour of the brewery, barrel room, and tap room with transportation provided?  YES, you would.
Very simple, drink through the Avery Gauntlet – 30 Avery beers in 6 weeks.  December 21, 2011 through Feb 6, 2012.

The Gauntlet is 16 Avery core beers, plus 14 additional Avery beers:

  • Avery IPA
  • White Rascal
  • Ellie’s Brown Ale
  • Joe’s Pilsner
  • Out of Bounds Stout

The Holy Trinity of Ales

  • Salvation
  • The Reverend
  • Hog Heaven


  • Old Jubilation
  • New World Porter
  • Dugana

The Dictators

  • Maharaja
  • Czar
  • Kaiser

Special Release

  • Collaboration Not Litigation

To qualify, at least one of every “Core” brew must be consumed.  If not, you have not drank the Gauntlet.  The other 14 beers can be made up of doubles, additional special releases, and extra credit.  Those beers will be TBD.

Come into Star Bar, sign up for the Gauntlet, and get to drinking!

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  • Kyle

    Oh no…

  • Mike

    Are we allowed to do this in one night? 🙂

  • Sean Buchan

    When is the VIP tour? Feb 6?

  • Sean Buchan

    When is the VIP tour? February 6th?

  • Ryan

    Call in the wrecking crew.

  • Star Bar

    The VIP tour is Saturday 2/11.