Great Divide Looks Towards Future With Pilot System

Great Divide took delivery of a brand new 7-barrel pilot system last week. The system will complement the current 50-barrel brewhouse as a platform for experimental or one-off beers.

The system is on track to be online within the next 30 days, the brewery reports. While no set beer list has been released for the pilot system, brewers and brewery employees are excited to see what comes through in the coming months.

While some of the pilot system beers will be poured only in the Tap Room, eventually, outside markets and local restaurants may get a chance to see some as well.

“We’re really looking forward to the new pilot system,” reports brewer Taylor Rees. “It gives us a chance to try some experimental beers that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do very efficiently.”

Keep an eye out for pilot beers in early 2012.

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