Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Membership on sale tomorrow (12/17)

Just in time for the weekend  bonus check  to break the bank holidays, Crooked Stave’s new Cellar Reserve Membership goes on sale tomorrow morning at 10am MST.

Full details are below, but the basics are this: $300, 400 available, 10 guaranteed bottles plus some merch and access to a bunch of other beer throughout the year.

Read the rest below (or on the Crooked Stave site), and feel free to pick me up a membership on your way. Please?

Greetings friends, fans and craft beer enthusiasts!

With the details in place and the website infrastructure hopefully taken care of, we are pleased to announce the inaugural formation of Crooked Stave’s Cellar Reserve Membership. We mentioned previously that we had been working on the details to our annual membership and after putting a lot of time and thought into the structure, we are very excited with the beers that will be available to this years members as well as all the exclusive extras.

As we have mentioned briefly before, we are currently working on plans that would locate us in Denver, Colorado. We never imagined we’d be making the move from Fort Collins so soon, but it‘s time we built our brewery! As we are working on the plans for our future and taking on investment, we thought the best way to get our friends and fans involved was to create a Cellar Reserve Membership and offer up beer from our barrel cellar along with other exclusive merchandise. The proceeds from the purchased memberships will be going directly to our Denver expansion project and be the first big push needed to lay the groundwork for the rest of the project and our future brewery.

2012 Cellar Reserve Memberships will be $300.00 each through and go on sale at 10am MST on December 17th, 2011. Given the low production for most of the beers on the list (some only being a single barrel) space is limited to 400 members for 2012.

One detail that was difficult for us to make a decision on was whether to open up membership to people outside of Colorado through direct shipping. As difficult as it was, we could not come up with a solution on how to logistically ship beer to interested customers without the possibility of legal action being taken against us, as well as up holding a high standard of customer service and satisfaction. We are however allowing the designation of a trustee or “mule” that resides in Colorado and can be made responsible to pick up the beers for you upon release. We anticipate pick-up will be in Denver, Colorado at our future brewing facilities so someone local to Denver not Fort Collins may be ideal.

Crooked Stave

Below are the details for the 2012 Cellar Reserve Membership which will be available through starting at 10am MST on December 17, 2011. We look forward to seeing you at future Cellar Reserve Member events!

Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Membership 2012:
– 2012 Membership Card
– 2 Cellar Reserve stemware glasses
– Exclusive members only T-Shirt
– Neoprene Dual Bottle Beer Tote
(1 bottle) Blackberry Petite Sour (upon release, estimated Feb 2012)
(2 bottle) Batch #1 (100% Brett, 100% barrel fermented) (upon release, estimated March 2012)
(1 bottle) *Surette Reserva Chardonnay barrel-aged (upon release, estimated April 2012)
(1 bottle) L’Brett d’Or – 100% Brett Golden Sour (upon release, estimated May 2012)
(1 bottle) *Persica – Sour Peach(upon release, estimated July 2012)
(1 bottle) *Nightmare on Brett Street (Cognac barrel) (upon release, estimated Aug 2012)
(1 bottle) *Nightmare on Brett Street (Brandy barrel) (upon release, estimated Aug 2012)
(1 bottle) *Sour Quad (Cognac barrel) (upon release, estimated Nov 2012)
(1 bottle) *Cellar Reserve Blend (upon release in 2012)
*Denotes beer is a Cellar Reserve exclusive.
– Access to purchase specialty bottle releases at discount (subject to allocation limits)
– First right of refusal for 2013 membership
– Future discounts to be added once our taproom is open.
– Future planned Cellar Reserve Member events (additional charges apply)

As well as receiving the above listed beers and merchandise, the following beers are planned for release from our Barrel Cellar in 2012 and available to Cellar Reserve Members.
– Blackberry Petite Sour
– Batch #1 (100% Brett, 100% barrel fermented)
– L’Brett d’Or – 100% Brett Golden Sour
– Burgandy Sour (not yet named)
– Oculus – Sour Belgian Golden Ale with Vignole grapes
– Barrel Aged 2012 Petite Sour (w/soon to be added fruit)
– Dark Sour (not yet named)
– Sour Quad (Bourbon barrel) (not yet named)
– First Anniversary Blend

**Please note that a few of these beers will likely be available to the public for purchase. As a Cellar Reserve Member you are guaranteed the first opportunity to purchase these beers, to some limitation, before they go on sale to the public.

DISCLAIMER: Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Memberships are open to USA residents over the age of 21 only. If you reside outside of Colorado and decide to purchase a Cellar Reserve Membership make sure to designate a Colorado Trustee or you are responsible for picking up your allocation which will be held at the brewery until March 21st, 2013. We are unable to ship beer as FedEx, UPS, and USPS does not allow us to ship beer direct to customers. No refunds will be given after placing an order.

For more information about listing a Colorado Trustee and any other questions you may have, visit the FAQ page.

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