Euclid Hall named by Esquire as having one of the Best Beer Menus

Just this week, Euclid Hall made Esquire Magazine’s Best Beer Menus in the country. Pssh, we already knew they rocked.

But seeing them among the ranks like District of Pi in DC, Eleven Madison Park in NYC, and The Publican in Chicago makes our heart a-flutter. Here’s what they had to say about our beloved Euclid Hall:

Esquire's shot of Euclid Hall. We've sat at that bar once or twice.

As evidenced even by some of these places, too many restaurants bury their beers deep inside the wine-and-cocktail menus. Not so at Euclid Hall, where a few well-chosen wines are tucked at the end of a robust brew list. Sessionable kolsches and pilsners hang next to porters and nitro-carbonated milk stouts on the Colorado-centric tap tower. A mathematical-themed bottle list spans from the introductory (“Arithmetic”: Del Norte Orale Light Lager) to the more advanced (“Quantum Mechanics”: Lost Abbey Lost & Found), with smart choices everywhere in between.

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