Beer and Chocolate Pairing Tomorrow Night at Star Bar

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12/15) at 6:00 PM, Star Bar is hosting a night of big flavors with a beer and chocolate pairing event featuring Great Divide Beers and handmade chocolates from the Chocolate Therapist.  Big flavors will be theme of the day, with each component adding something memorable to the other.

The cost per person is $20 for 6 individual pairings.

  • Oak Aged Yeti with Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Sea Salt bars
  • Hoss Rye Lager with Dark Chocolate Ginger nibs
  • Hibernation with Milk Chocolate Maple squares
  • Hercules Imperial IPA with Orange Chocolate bars
  • Grand Cru with Milk Chocolate Amaretto Cappuccino nibs
  • Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti with Dark Chocolate Cayenne Pepper savories

There will also be a surprise added chocolate pairing for each beer.

Julie Pech, the Chocolate Therapist, will be on hand to discuss the details of the chocolates.  She is an author, public speaker, and proponent of actual chocolate therapy.  Chocolate Therapist products will be available for separate purchase.

Bryan Baltzell, from Great Divide Brewing Company will discuss the brews.

About Justin Lloyd

Justin believes that Beer, Tacos, and Cookies are the perfect foods, as long as one of them is spicy. He prefers interesting to boring, and has no patience for people that are simply taking up space and wasting air. Most of the time you can find him at the bar he owns and operates, making cocktails and friends. You should go meet him.

  • @carnie_nbb

    Peanut butter and sea salt with Oak Aged Yeti! I am going to drive down for this. That sounds heavenly…