TRVE Brewing is opening in Denver’s Baker ‘hood

TRVE Brewing is coming to town. Here is their first press release. We’ll let them speak for themselves.

As they say, thrash on.

Hey there,

First off, let us welcome you into the family of our brewery. It’s the people with their ears to the ground like yourselves that we’re looking to keep in touch with. You’re the people that are going to love us most of all.

We’re style blasphemers and category agnostics

TRVE Brewing has come to exist as a result of many months of planning, research, and in some cases through your explicit help and encouragement. Our mission will be creating beers that are beyond the pale. To us this implies new ideas, channeling Loki, and embracing chaos. It means drawing from the sounds and sights that inspire us most in life. Our beers may or may not exactly adhere to any particular guidelines – We’re style blasphemers and category agnostics – and we may not win any medals as a result, but you can count on the fact that we’ll always brew damn good beer.

To us, TRVE represents being a part of a counter culture without immersing yourself to the point of taking it too seriously.

On to the reason we’re sending this out. We want you to know that we’ve finally found ourselves a home. In the coming weeks we’ll be starting the buildout of our brewery at 227 Broadway #101.The keys are in hand, the mounds of paperwork are being filed with various licensors and regulators, and our brewing equipment will be shipping from Portland, Oregon on Monday. We’re unbelievably excited to be moving into the Baker ‘hood – It’s ripe time a neighborhood as vibrant as it is gets its own brewery. Our brewery will focus on serving our beer in an incredible tap room – Think “dive mead hall” – with an ultimate goal of giving you a rad place to hang out and drink killer beer.

We’ll be posting more updates soon on some really great offers we’ll have in the coming months. Until then, thrash on!

TRVE Brewing Co.

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  • BeerCurious

    Can’t wait! There is a serious lack of good beer on Broadway. Was just bitching about it this morning, so this is great news!

  • Chris

    Rad! Congratulations!

  • jan c

    Wooohoo! More beer!