Black Shirt Brewing – What’s next?

Black Shirt Brewing – one of a handful of Breweries in Planning in Denver – attempted to get funding through a Kickstarter campaign. They’re not the first who went this route, nor the last. Some have succeeded, and some have not reached their goal.

Sadly, Blackshirt didn’t meet the mark – 59 backers pledged $6,143, but they were going for $25,000. I checked in with the gang to see what the plan was:

Yeah it is too bad that the Kickstarter campaign didn’t get as much traction as we thought it could. We have learned from the experience and feel we are better prepared for the next time we launch a similar campaign; not that anything is planned right now.

And even though we didn’t hit our financial goal, the bigger goal is to get the brewery open and we are still kicking ass on that! Sure Kickstarter would have eased a few financial burdens and allowed us to move a little faster, but we are still on track to open the brewery in the spring of 2012. My brother said it in a very cool way the other day. He said “if you are going to restore a 1968 Roadrunner, you can do it in a month if you have $100,000. If you don’t have that huge amount of cash at your disposal, you can still build the car, it just takes more time and effort. And that is where we are at. It’s still going to be a badass artisanal brewery. Our dream is still gonna come true. It’s just taking a little longer and we are having to work harder!”

Nothing good comes easy, right!

We’ll keep you posted!

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