Great Divide New Year, New Beer Midnight Toast

We’re expecting a baby… a beer baby that is. We can’t wait to debut our brand new pilsner, Nomad, on New Years Eve. Join us as we celebrate on December 31st in the Tap Room with our New Year, New Beer Midnight Toast. We’ll be pouring this tasty pilsner for the first time and will ring in 2012 with a bar-wide Nomad cheers.

We’re keeping the doors open a bit late for the occasion but we encourage everyone to come early to snag a spot. Questions? Feel free to email


About Hanna Laney

Hanna Laney is that middle space in the Venn diagram between grammarian, beer geek and miniature horse aficionado. You can find her tweeting and Facebook-ing for Great Divide Brewing Company and staying around after hours to enjoy a couple cold ones. She will happily discuss picayune details related to the Portland Trail Blazers franchise with anyone silly enough to listen.