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The face of a brewer - Hanson, by weeklydig on Flickr

Turns out the world turns outside of Denver. Crazy, right? Here are a few stories we’ve seen around the tubes:

MMMBop to MMMHop, Hanson to Launch Beer

Seriously. Mmmhop. No, really. Just click the link.

Modern Day Matchmaker Holiday Dating Challenge

The Sadie Hawkins holiday dating challenge. Ask a dude out. Ask ten dudes out. Did you know the Wagon has over 30 writers, over half of whom are male? Just saying…

Beer’s Health Benefits, Consumed In Moderation, May Be Similar To Those Of Wine

Beer is good for you, and that’s science. So drink a pint. To your health!

The New Rules of Wine

You’re doing it wrong.

Tommy Tweed

Tommy Tweed likes scotch. Great site about whiskey and travel and squeaky toys.

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  • @carnie_nbb

    MMMhop IPA is really funny to think about. Who knows, maybe the beer will be mind blowing?