Crafting a Nation, the Follow-Up to Beer Culture

Several months ago, Free Mind Productions released Beer Culture the Movie (click here for my review).  This 55 minute documentary focused on Colorado breweries and their role in the craft beer revolution sweeping the nation.  Despite its local roots, the film was a success, filling up screenings at Upslope, Left Hand, and Wynkoop their first week.  It did so well, in fact, that Tom Kolicko (Executive Producer and Director) has begun work on a nation-wide follow up.  Enter Crafting a Nation.  Here is a press release from their website (you can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter):

Crafting a Nation is a feature length documentary, the national version and the follow up to Beer Culture the Movie.  Crafting A Nation will be shot on a national scale featuring the new and exciting growth industry behind the American Craft Beer Movement.  Crafting a Nation tells the story of how the American craft brewers are rebuilding the economy… one beer at a time.

After the success and the positive reception of Beer Culture the Movie the opportunity presented itself for Free Mind Productions to create Crafting a Nation.  After five months of pre-production, Free Mind Productions is proud to announce that the official production is set to begin in January of 2012.  Crafting A Nation aims to capture the growing cultural shift in America started by the American Craft Beer Movement.  The intended scope of the film is for a national theaterical release for the documentary to bring the positive message of economic growth that craft beer is providing to a mainstream audience.  Crafting A Nation sets the lens on  highlighting regions in Oregon, California, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, and North Carolina, with several  smaller regions to be announced in the coming months.  Crafting A Nation, will be directed by documentary filmmaker Thomas Kolicko, the same Director of Beer Culture the Movie.  Kolicko plans on using the film to communicate the message of the, “great new American success story.”

During the production of Crafting a Nation, the film’s website will feature a short-part mini series in prelude to the premiere of the film.  The web series will show sneak peaks of the film, behind the scenes footage, exclusive rare beer tastings with brewers and industry heads, and unique interviews with key players in the beer industry across the United States.  The webisodes will be interactive giving the viewers a chance to ask questions, post responses, and give suggestions.  This will become apart of the means of making Crafting A Nation much more than a feature length documentary but more of a community social cause project.

Free Mind Productions is owned by Thomas Kolicko and plans to use independent Colorado Filmmakers for the production of Crafting A Nation.  This includes the talented team of producers Deana Macdonald and Courtney Cobb, Director of Photography Brendan Harris, and Editor Kevin Deming.

For additional information, funding, or to become a sponsor for  the film, please contact

In talking to Tom, he noted that while they are continuing to search out new “characters” for the film, they will be focusing on smaller breweries and brewpubs across the country.  He also stated they will include craft distillers, wineries, cheese makers, food trucks, and assorted variety of businesses in this documentary.

The American Craft Beer Movement is exactly that: a movement, and I think craft beer is only the tip of iceberg. Beer got us out of the great depression, image what craft beer could do now. Something big is happening here and that is why I am creating Crafting A Nation. – Tom Kolicko

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