Firestone Walker XV and Parabola Tapping at Euclid Hall Tuesday

Did you miss your chance to taste Firestone Walker’s XV at Falling Rock two weeks ago? Is your local liquor store all sold out of the $22+ bottle? Fret not! This amazing concoction, best described as unicorn tears drizzled over cookie dough, will be on tap tomorrow night.

Tuesday. 8pm. Euclid Hall.

David Walker will be on hand to discuss the inner workings of Firestone Walker. Come sip on XV and Parabola – both on tap. $7 for an 8 oz pour of either.

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  • Paul Falling Rock

    Also tonight at Falling Rock:

    5pm Firestone XV components with David Walker. Come taste some of the components that went into their Anniversary Beer XV. We’ll have Double Jack, a 9.5% Double India Pale Ale & a Special 5 gallon keg of Bravo, a 13.5% Imperial Brown Ale Aged in Bourbon & Brandy Barrels. Also we’ll have a Cask of Pale 31 going.

    All the Christmas beers will be on tap by Wednesday including some vintage brews.