Crooked Stave updates


(Fort Collins, CO) – A news update from the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.


Tomorrow marks the release of Fertile Soil a hoppy Belgian Ale and our homage to Colorado Agriculture and fresh hops. The beer was brewed with all Colorado ingredients and a heavy handed dose of late hops giving a big grapefruit nose which mingles with the Belgian yeast strain. Fertile Soil was a small bottling of only 70 cases (832 bottles) but will still see normal distribution throughout the Colorado front range.

In other news, we have been working for a couple of months on the structure of our Cellar Reserve Membership and are almost ready to go live with it. With our Barrel Cellar growing in size, all the barrels which have been filled over the past year will come to fruition and many of the Barrel Cellar projects will be ready for release. Due to their limited availability we plan to have a few tiers which allow members to buy in and guarantee they will get our most limited beers as well as first rights to other barrel aged sours which will be released. All members will play a big role in our current expansion into Denver which is just starting to take shape as we search for the building and get ready to move into our own brewery. With the added support of our Cellar Reserve Members we will be able to open our own brewery in Denver and start making greater quality beers, more consistently. Look forward to more information about both our plans to build a brewery in Denver and the details of our Cellar Reserve Membership for the 2012 year.

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  • Marc Bayes

    Very interesting! Feels like The Bruery Reserve Society in a way. I likes! Could be a very interesting opportunity to have some rare CO beer as well as ownership in a sense. Can’t wait for more information.

  • Chad

    Hey Marc, That is exactly our plan, to bring out a stacked line up of rare and exciting beers some of which coming from only a single barrel..think Cognac barrel.. Colorado is the great beer state we live and brew our beers in and if it were not for all the great beer drinkers and our supporters we could not continue to make such passion driven beers. Each Cellar Reserve member will be making a huge contribution helping to lay the foundation that will become Crooked Stave! Each and every member should truly feel like they are giving us a hand in opening our brewery in Denver when that great day comes! I’m thinking members only grand opening party..


    • Aero

      Just like I told you when you visited KROC, I am VERY excited about everything you are doing Chad! You can count on my being one of the first in line to sign up for the Reserve Society when it is available.

  • Dave Butler

    I’m wondering if Chad will be doing a fundraising effort similar to what Black Shirt Brewing is doing (Kickstarter). While Black Shirt’s effort may have fallen far short, I’m wondering how Crooked Stave will plan to do this. I like the Cellar Reserve membership approach, but how much of an investment would be required? It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the next several months as Chad gets closer to opening in Denver.