What to Serve? A Colorado Wino Thanksgiving

Whatever your reason for adding some vino to your Thanksgiving – from savoring the enhanced flavors of a good pairing or to make your curmudgeon of an uncle more palatable – you’ve come to the right place. As you stand surveying the sea of options, unsure of what to pick, we have some varietal and vintner recommendations that will make you the hero of the meal without breaking the bank (wines below are $15-$20 per bottle).


Wine: Creekside Cellars 2010 Viognier

Tasting Notes: Described as having a sensual mouth feel, this white wine has a nose of peaches and apricots – I also picked up a note of green apples. It has a bone-dry taste without losing the delicate floral and fruit tones. Aged in neutral oak, there’s only a hint at the end of the sip.

Recommended Pairings: Sweet potatoes, mixed greens salad with fruit or candied nuts – any dish with some sweetness, as the dryness of this wine is a nice balancer


Wine: Bonacquisti Wine Co. 2010 Riesling

Tasting Notes: A drier than normal Riesling with only 0.75% residual sugar, this white wine is bright and crisp with just the right amount of sweetness.

Recommended Pairings: Roasted vegetables (portabella mushrooms, brussel sprouts, red peppers, squash) turkey – an excellent alternative if you usually serve a red with the aforementioned dishes, as the sweetness isn’t cloying or overwhelming, just a nice contrast to the savory elements


Wine: Black Bridge Winery 2009 Reserve Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes: The smoky nose leads into a delicate red wine with bright red fruit, with just enough tannins and acidity

Recommended Pairings: Turkey, chicken – the smokiness will enhance the roasted nature of the poultry without overwhelming the taste in the way a bolder red would


Wine: Garfield Estates Vineyard 2009 Syrah

Tasting Notes: Intensely earthy and spicy, with notes of coffee and cherry, this is a traditional Rhône-style Syrah full of rich, concentrated fruit

Recommended Pairings: Prime rib, short ribs – this wine can stand up to your beef entrée of choice


Many thanks to Jacob Harkins at Colorado Wino for his recommendations. Be sure to check out his monthly Club Wino dinners to learn more about Colorado wines and meet the winemakers, while enjoying an amazing meal (resumes in January).

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