Oskar Blues Brews FemALE-Inspired Stout with Crafty Ladies Beer Club

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Oskar Blues Brews FemALE-Inspired Stout with Local Crafty Ladies Beer Club

LYONS, Colo… On Tuesday, November 15th, Oskar Blues and  Highland Tap & Burger’s (Denver) “Crafty Ladies Beer Club,”  came together at the Oskar Blues brewpub to craft a specialty Crafty Ladies brew with head brewers, Dave Chichura and Eric Huber. The group decided on a stout made with chai-spices and rye, and will ring in around 6.5% ABV. The beer should be ready in time for the Crafty Ladies Holiday Party at The Tap on December 6th.   “When Dale saw that over 60 women gathered to hear about and drink our beer he was inspired and suggested right then that the Ladies and I design and brew a special beer just for them. This is a great, enthusiastic group of women who appreciate and are knowledgeable about beer.” said head brewer Dave Chichura.

“It makes perfect sense for women to enjoy beer and Oskar Blues is a superb brewery to feature in their beer-explorations. Everyone likes flavor, especially women, and Oskar Blues Brewery beers deliver on that…” – Ginger Johnson, founder/Women Enjoying Beer  An article on Craftbeer.com states that women are one of the biggest growth drivers for the craft beer industry, and in 2010, 27% of women said they enjoy beer over wine or liquor, up 6% from 2009.

During the Great American Beer Festival in September, Highland Tap & Burger hosted an Oskar Blues event involving the launch of a new firkin called “The First Lady,” a GUBNA Imperial IPA and Mama’s Little YELLA PILS blend that expired in 38 minutes. They served the beer alongside Oskar Blues’ popular Beer Can Chicken.  “There are so many great events at Highland Tap & Burger with both the Crafty Ladies and with Oskar Blues throughout the year!  The active promotion of local craft brews by both the Tap and the Crafty Ladies Beer Club makes trying new beers really easy…”  – Nicol Winkler, HTB – Crafty Lady  http://twitter.com/ThirstyGerman

The Highland Tap & Burger “Crafty Ladies Beer Club” started in early 2011.  Twice a month the group meets to learn about a different brewery and learn about the beers. “The more I talk to women about craft beer, the more I realize how underrepresented they feel as a voice in the industry.  I have been thoroughly impressed by how many of our Crafty Ladies are home brewers, work in the craft beer industry, and are often times more knowledgeable and opinionated about what beers they enjoy than their male counterparts. That is why it means so much to the Crafty Ladies to be asked to collaborate with Oskar Blues… It really is an honor, and there are many women and men alike that can’t wait to taste the results!”  – Katie O’Shea Padro, Director of Crafty Ladies

Oskar Blues is re-launching the “Can Can Girls Club” in January 2012.  The club is a place to explore and learn about craft beer in a fun, friendly and social environment.  The gatherings are scheduled to include beer education in all aspects while engaging with the local community through various beer related activities.

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