Downslope Distilling to release its Single Malt Whiskey

The folks at Downslope Distilling are up to something fun.  They’re releasing their Special Limited Release Single Malt Whiskey on November 25.  See the below press release for details:

Limited release of Downslope  Distilling Special Limited Release Single Malt Whiskey on 11/25

Only 200 bottle of a single cask malt whiskey will be released for sale starting at noon on Friday, November 25 at the Downslope Distillery in Centennial, Colorado.

The specifics of the whisky are as follows

This Whiskey started its life as a grist of 95% floor malted Maris Otter barley and 5% lightly peated malt.

The whisky was then distilled in our Double Diamond Potstill in a manner that would make any man wearing a plaid skirt smile.

There is this barrel maker in France, That makes barrels of such a quality that they are certified to be in compliance with the specifications and quality standards of the CTB Fût de Tradition Française. After the French oak was air dried for 36 months, it was filled with a wine in the Cote de Or area of Burgundy.  When the wine was freed from the barrel, The barrel was shipped to Colorado where we acquired it.  Upon receipt, we promptly filled it with the aforementioned distillate.

The whisky has been quietly resting in its barrel home since.  Because it was aged at ambient Colorado conditions instead of the more stable, cold and humid climate of Scotland, we thought we would see how it was progressing:  To our delight the progress was excellent. So much so, that we feared that if it rested too much more, there would be no opportunity for our best supporters to acquire a bottle.

The whisky was hand bottled at the cask strength of 86.5 proof, without filtration by the distillers this week.

The Distillery was started in 2009 in Centennial, Colorado by the three guys that have a common passion for all that is best in adult beverages.  Downslope produces 9 products currently and teach monthly distilling classes.  The products are available around Colorado, in limited states outside the region and in the tasting room in Centennial.

For further information please contact Andy Causey at 303-810-4831 or email

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